Beyonce & Jay-Z Celebrate His Birthday With a Special Photo Op!

Beyonce & Jay-Z celebrated his birthday with a special photo op that is creating deja vu across the internet!

The couple was spotted out last night in New York City celebrating Sean Jay-Z Carter’s 48th birthday. Paps caught the couple downtown at a movie theatre that the couple had rented out for them & close friends to use in celebration of Jay-z’s birthday, and did not plan on doing too much since the rapper is currently on the 4:44 Tour.
When the film was over and everyone was taking the elevator down to exit, Jay-Z told one of his photographers to “hurry up. C’mon up- get it” urging them to take the pic before the couple exited to their car. To everyone’s surprise the couple had recreated the similar seen from back in 2014 at the MET Gala, when the famous elevator fight had occurred between Jay-Z & Beyonce’s sister, Solange, who accused Jay-Z of infidelity, which led to Beyonce making the album Lemonade, for which the the whole point of the album was to talk about her husbands cheating ways. Then Jay-Z follows up with the album 4:44, for which he apoligized for doing his wife wrong, and finally admitted to his cheating in a recent interview Sean did with The New York Times. 

At the end of the day….Who likes to stay focused on the negativity from the past…2 babies later? Per Jay-Z, when Beyonce was making the album Lemonade, it was intended to be a collaboration, but instead turned into Bey’s venting album that helped to repair their marriage.

Of course the internet has been going HAM on the fact that the photo would have been different if Solange was there!

I can at least say that the couple look like the they are taking things day by day, and seems to be truly happy at the state of their relationship. Recreating the elevator incident by turning it into something funny is always a start toward the positive. Happy Birthday Jay-Z!!!

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