Spreading Some Birthday Love!!

Today is my friend in my head birthday, Nicki Minaj, whose pink Lemonade braids are to die for in the “Motorsport” video, and as a 1982 baby representer, Nicki, is doing it very well! Welcome to the 35 year old club! Oh, and lastly, I have a question that has been on my mind lately….Where is ROMAN??? Just a little FYI…your fans do miss your alter egos.

I also want to send some birthay love up to the musical heavens to Sammy Davis Jr.

If alive Sammy Davis would have been blessed to see the ripe old age of 92 years old! Even though my last memories of Sammy was on The Cosby Show when he played a worried grandfather who kept bothering Dr. Huxtable over his grandchild, who was having her first baby! The little man was overall a great entertainer who could sing & tap dance his heart away, a classic!

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