Drake Announces New Album

Drake posted a pic of himself wearing a black jacket with the words “Scorpion” written on top and the date “June Twenty Eighteen” written underneath.


📀 JUNE 2018

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Hey guys, Im back and better than ever with the most up to date entertainment news with a dab of my perspective! Well, while I was scrolling down my timeline I came across a post Drake made that seems to provide his fans the title of his up coming album and the date of release!  

In the picture its Drake wearing an all black varsity type jacket, Drake has his back to the camera so all you can see is the back of the jacket which states “Scorpion” then under it states “June Twenty Eighteen” and lastly ending with “By Drake”.

I am not surprised by this post for Drake has released two singles for which his fans can assume will be featured on a new album. The first single “God’s Plan”, dropped a couple months ago, that documented him traveling around the city of Miami blessing people with the million dollar budget he was supposed to had spent for the video.

Then just almost two weeks ago he dropped another single titled “Nice For What” that gives me that New Orleans bounce feeling, and I swear I heard a Big Freedia sample. What makes the video to this song so special is instead of Drake using the normal formula, women shaking their asses, oh no! Drake was actually celebrating powerful and successful women, for example, Rashida Jones, Olivia Wilde, Tracey Ellis Ross and more.

I do wonder what Drake has planned for this album, which is titled the name of his horoscope, Scorpio. After these two singles, which both provided a message, I have a feeling that the rest of this album will continue with this vibe. What ever has inspired Drake to come thru with such positive images during this time of the “Me Too” movement and women big ups lately, provides his fans with a refreshing sound, but still worthy to be played in the club type of music.

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