Q Money Let’s It Be Known Ain’t S**t Funny

A year ago, if you looked up Q Money on whatever music server you prefer, you’d find 2, maybe 3 songs. So, it’s safe to say that since last summer’s release of his hit song, “work”, he’s been doing just that. From signing to Warner Records, releasing 2 mixtapes and more than a handful of features and performances, he’s proof of just how much a year can change your life. His second mixtape release of 2018, entitled “Ain’t S**t Funny” is a true testament of that growth. While he touches on the surface of his lifestyle, rapping about foreign whips and chicks, money and his life in the streets of Cleveland, Q Money dives deep into emotion as well. “Lord knows” is a track devoted to a struggle between living life in the streets and changing his life for the better. The final track, “Be” is a true confession on the life of a black man in the streets. From family disputes to dodging bullets, we’re given a glimpse at the trials and tribulations Q Money has had to face over the years. It’s always refreshing to see an artist, especially in the rap game, be able to shed their layers and let us see who they really are, and for that I applaud Q Money. “Ain’t S**t Funny” is available to stream on all major music platforms now.qmoney

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