Mashonda Interview With The Breakfast Club

Mashonda, Swizz Beatz ex-wife, was a featured guest on New York’s Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club talking about her new book “Blend”.

I was able to catch this great interview with Mashonda, who is promoting her new book “Blend”, which is about co-parenting with Swizz Beatz & adding his current wife, Alicia Keys, into this blended family to make the kids happy. I swear this is a subject that I feel as if everybody has went through or knows someone who has.

I feel as if Mashonda has came a LONG way since the days of freshly breaking up with Swizz Beatz. There was so much being put out by Mashonda to the blogs! Her specifically calling Alicia a homewrecker & blaming Swizz for leaving her broke. Now in the year of 2018, Mashonda has finally gotten over her past & is moving forward to assist in providing a lovable family situation for Kasseem.

I have not read the book “Blend” yet, but I do plan to. I want to read the part Mashonda stated how Swizz was unable to attend parent teacher conferences, and Alicia offered herself to go in his place. Like, WOW! I do not know any stepmother aka mommy #2 who has stepped up like that! Mashonda mentioned how after that specific situation, she had no choice but to take Alicia serious & to allow her to be a role model as well as a mother to Kasseem too!

“The key to making this partnership to work was letting all the hurt & disappointments go of my relationship not working” stated Mashonda. Trust that if she did not let the past go, that favorite term of “bitter babymomma” would’ve been the talk of the town and the blogs. Which is sad, for who actually plans to raise a baby on their own? I know I did not.

I give so much kudos to Mashonda & Swizz Beatz for turning their whole relationship around for the sake of Kasseem, and I give kudos to Alicia for being that supportive wife & stepmother which helped Mashonda to view her in a way that allowed her to move on from her past.

Make sure to go to your local Barnes & Noble store to buy a copy or download the audio version from !

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