Hey, It’s your girl Mz Slim Goody an I am back with some more DOPE artists to check out for ya! For this post…I chose to take my time and really pick people whose music I been wanting to check out for awhile now… I got artists from Cleveland, Compton, DC and others who are putting in the work and staying consistent so make sure to reach out to network or just to show love!!! It’s always appreciated!!


I swear sometimes it’s nice to hear men rapping about motivating women to be at their best regardless of what anyone has to say! “Just Shine” is THAT song! Sky Jonez is letting all females young n old know that the haters will always HATE…but to keep your head up and always continue to SHINE!!
The single is off his current album titled That Feeling which is available on all platforms!
IG & Twitter: @therealskyjonez
Facebook: Sky Jonez


My fellow Cleveland native has been going hard since he been back home! I got hip to him from off Trapaholics mixtape: Eat or Get Ate, Fresh Out The Gate back in 2017, and literally I kept it on repeat! Since then Teezy has been on his grind…”Make It Out” is an example of his explanation as to why he is going so HARD for he wants to make it out, but not just him…he wants everybody to do the same! Like the saying goes…what’s the point of making it big when no one else in your circle has been blessed to do the same.
This single is off his current project Yo Beat Aint Safe Volume 1 which is available on all streaming platforms!
IG: @teezyfromtheclair
Facebook: Teezy From The Clair


I had to do some homework on this artist LOL seriously for it looked as if he was gone for a sec then BOOM he is back & hopefully ready to set this game on fire with some dope music. I like his style and how his flow rides the beat with a piece of island feel to it. Maybe its how he does his voice on the hooks, but it reminds me of a particular reggae artist I listen to. The single “Pull Up” is featuring 3OHBlack, an artist I am familiar with, Chelly The Mc, to whom I featured on one of my NEW MUSIC FRIDAY posts towards the end of 2018, and Supa Trippa, who I will like to hear more music from, all collaborated with Ode Tha Hustla to create a hot single that is also featured on his current project Starting 5 Ep that is available on all streaming platforms.

IG & Twitter: @odethahustla
Facebook: Ode Tha Hustla


When this artist asked me to check out his music I swear I had no idea as to what I was going to hear, but I am glad that I took that chance, for Adam III was really speaking not only real shit but its TRUE!! The single “Cotton Pickers Turned Gangsta” really makes you think as to how Blacks in America have evolved from being cotton pickers to gangsta’s out here picking in people’s pockets!! The one thing that I do notice about Adam III is that he raps about what’s going on in his neighborhood & making sure to highlight the things we should be paying attention to versus the alternative. Adam currently has another single out titled “South Central Los Angeles” that’s available on all streaming platforms!

IG: @therealadamiii
Facebook: adamiiiofficial
twitter: @notadamiii

FYI….Febraury 10th will be here soon…which means HIT OR MISS SUNDAYS 2019 season is about to start!!!! STAY TUNED….

Mz Slim Goody
IG & Twitter: @mzslimgoody
Facebook: Tina Anita B

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