Who is Dj Raven??? I swear in 2019 that question has been getting quite a few answers…good ones from what I have been noticing!!


Dj Raven is not only my cohost on The Hit or Miss Sundays show, he is also an up & coming Dj who is making a name for himself in Cleveland!! Just last Monday, he had the chance to showcase his skills for the WNRV 108.1 World Famous Club Style show which was held at the Nerve Djs Studio!! This live event was hosted by Cleveland’s own Casper Cee, Telace, Tasha Beatz, one of my favorite Djs, Dj Ellery, and Shonny Shon!!!

Dj Raven is an open air type of Dj who can rock any type of party or club as well as be a dope co host too!! Make sure to follow Dj Raven on all social media platforms @djraven216

Raven also has a Mixcloud account where you can check out all of his weekly mix shows!!

Also, check out the interview that Dj Raven and I had did in July on at show called The Stup

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