Have you ever wondered why a woman would want to play in such a rough sport such as football? Or wondered what do these women get out of being part of the Cleveland Fusion?

Look no further!! We got members of the team to express their real thoughts and feelings on how they truly feel about playing for the Cleveland Fusion. According to one of the Fusion’s centers, Sophia Pagan, the reason she plays football is ““Football will introduce you to lifelong bonds. It’s an experience like no other. It’s more than football. It’s family.”

What Sophia said is exactly the feeling we want to spread amongst the team. The feeling as if everyone is a family and is willing to work together as one to accomplish a common goal. Mind you, everyone that comes together to make the teamwork all come from different parts of the globe with the dedication to push women’s football forward!

Roxi Valdina, player #18, stated “I play to be the best version of myself. Mentally, physically and emotionally. Football has all these things at once. And the person I see when I rise to the challenge is someone, I want to be proud of. So, I give my all. For myself and my team.” We all know that playing football is not an easy sport. It can be very stressing physically as well as mentally. When picking the best team, I would suggest going for a team who puts their all into making sure that each member is ready physically and mentally and will teach anything that is needed in all regards to the game prior to getting on to the field.

Per Quarterback Cassie Brown, “I play for the young girls who think they can’t. I play football so I can continue to build the family I have because of the sport. I play football to prove everyone else wrong.” And Running back #27, E. Lewis, also states ““Football has revealed my character as a woman on and off the field. It’s about the TEAM, the COMMITMENT, the JOURNEY. To be better than you were yesterday. Most importantly to conquer the one sport they once thought would remain only for man.”

I do not know how much more motivation you need. These women who all come from all different walks of life, ethnicities, and backgrounds all have one common goal which is to prove that women can be football players too and can still lead their regular lives when the game is done! It’s you that must believe that you can do it too!!!

For more information make sure to follow us on all social medias @clevelandfusion to keep up with updates & any cool events the team is sponsoring.

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