New Music Fridays

Hey my Goodies!!! I hope everyones Holiday weekend was great and that yall stayed covid safe as well! #wearyourmasks I was sooooo busy!!! On the 3rd my oldest turned 15 years old, and now tomorrow my son will be turning 5 years old. Due to me being so busy I didnt get a chance to post any new music, and with all this craziness going on we need something to help lift our spirits even its just a lil bit.

Hit Or Miss Sundays is finally back in the studio, this past Sunday was our first time back together since March. Of course we kept our masks on, and and the amount of people around us was at a minimum. Overall, It made me realize how much I missed being there around the crew! I will also be starting a new segment on Cream’s show called “Tina With The Tea” check me out on Saturdays between the hours of 2 to 4pm.

216 The Beat radio is back to doing our segment “Spotlight On Black Owned Brands” if yall know of any brands you think is worthy for a shout out please email me or the station.

Now I got some of my announcements out the way LOL it’s time for NEW MUSIC FRIDAYS!


In my mind Summer Walker can not do any wrong even though I think she’s a special in a good way, she always comes out with music that you find yourself playing on repeat. These 5 tracks is like a teaser to my soul! Once the ep ended…I wanted more! Thank to Summer I am anxious for what is to come next.


Even though JuiceWRLD is deceased this posthamus album gives you this feeling like he’s still here! I truly love how this album was composed & arranged. Hopefully he’s above smiling down on the world for I think he would be greatly pleased with this album. It’s a definite must listen.


Tory made sure to bless us with only 2 tracks to keep us waiting for more! According to Tory he will be dropping new music in capsules so stay tuned for more!!


I totally love this artist! SahBabbii’s lyrical flow is something else different to the game! He made his own lane in this music game that nobody can duplicate. If your not familiar with SahBabii, I guarantee this album will make him your new favorite artist.


I can not lie….this ep contains 3 of the best songs I ever heard, and how Tobi has the songs arranged is too freaking dope. Like right now I am sitting here thinking to myself like Damn…thats it?? LOL


Being that I am from the Midwest, we do not hear too much of what’s hot over on the West coast, but I can say that after hearing Philthy Rich the first time, I had to make sure that I checked his music out every time something new was released. This new project will do just that.


If you are a K Camp fan you know that his music always comes with a lil bump to it. I believe this is album does just that! This is the 2nd compilation that I have heard from K Camp and RARE Sounds and in my opinion….I totally enjoyed this album.

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