News – Walgreens Against Black Lives?

A single Black Father made to suffer in silence, with his family after being denied by 5 pharmacies, apparently, Walgreens across America are denying Black People Pain Medication.

Pharmacists in a Walgreens located at 21211 Harper Avenue, St. Clair Shores Michigan 48080 (586-776-7052 call them and share your feeling), have routinely decided against filling prescriptions to their BLACK customers as they “come off like drug dealers or drug addicts” or “more suspicious” than the rest of the customers in transit.

Pharmacists are telling customers paying with a debit or credit card is illegal or that people who do not live in the State can receive pain medication. A local resident who requested to remain anonymous at this time said that the staff at Walgreens made every effort to find a loophole to avoid servicing me as a client, as a human. He has already contacted a lawyer and was advised not to share the potential audio or video.

How can Black Lives Matter if Black Lives don’t get pain medication because they are viewed as less than 3/5 a man?

I think we should send a message to Walgreens that this is unacceptable! Hopefully, this story has a happy ending however I would love to do some follow-up articles on this story, to build traction on this! Thoughts? Have you or anyone you know experienced this? Let them know how you feel by calling them direct at 586-776-7052.

Written by Malcom Goldberg

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