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MGK Admits He Can’t Respond To EMINEM’s Killshot [BEEF IS OVER] [VID]


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Drake Could Not Stay Silent For Long!!!!

Last night Drake finally dropped his response to Pusha T’s “The Story of Adidon” called “I’m Upset”

As I sit at my desk at work just ready to push some medical charges out, I logs into my YouTube to find a new Drake video…Im like whoa…do we FINALLY have a response from the Canadian Mist himself???

Well, I can say that he did not clap back at Pusha T with lyrical venom like we assumed he would. No…he did make some references to his questionable baby mother on the hook saying “Can’t go 50/50 with no ho”.

Overall, the most exciting part of the video was seeing the Degrassi reunion!!! For those who do not know, Drake starred in the show Degrassi, a Canadian born show from 2001 to 2009, whose character was Jimmy.

Drake’s fans got to see a slew of the fictional school’s most famous alumni, including Shane Kippel (Spinner), Stacey Farber (Ellie) Adamo Rugguiero (Marco), Lauren Collins (Paige), Jake Epstein (Craig), Christina Schmidt (Terri), Andrea Lewis (Hazel), Melissa McIntyre (Ashley), Linlyn Lue (Ms. Kwan), Stefan Brogren (Mr. Simpson), Jake Goldsbie (Toby), Marc Donato (Derek), Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny), AJ Saudin (Connor), Miriam MacDonald (Emma), Cassie Steele (Manny), Nina Dobrev (Mia), Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty), and Paula Brancati (Jane).

There’s even Ephraim Ellis, who played Rick — the student who shot Drake’s character Jimmy in one of the show’s most iconic episodes, leaving him in a wheelchair.

Drake even made sure that he was not the only one with drama…his old class mates shared a few themselves! There’s vandalism, public intoxication, and even a bathroom stall hookup or two.

Mr. Simpson at one point even buys some drugs from two other famous Degrassi alum: Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith).

Whitney Houston’s Family demands apology from Kanye


#PushaT’s #Daytona has been a hot topic in Hip-Hop since its release on Friday. With conversations ranging from immaculate flows to #Drake disses, the G.O.O.D. Music emcee has harnassed the conversation, however, the most controversial may be his album artwork.

For those catching up on the news, #Kanye West purchased the photo of #WhitneyHouston’s hotel bathroom for $85,000 as a last minute cover switch. The immediate family of the late singer has shared they are hurt by the decision, which shows the counter covered in drug paraphernalia and drug covered spoons.

According to People, Damion Elliot, cousin of Houston, was alerted about the artwork from his daughter who was upset at its use. “She sent me this picture from the album cover and I immediately got sick to my stomach because it took me right back to six years ago,” says Elliot.

Elliot also spoke on Kanye’s current “train wreck” but stated that he did not believe the actions of Kanye would go beyond his own issues to harm someone else’s family.

“To do something for a publicity stunt to sell records, it’s absolutely disgusting,” Eliott shared. “It hurt my family and my daughter. It’s petty. It’s tacky.”

Elliott also shared that while he has not heard from Whitney’s mother in regards to the photo, he did attempt to warn his own, Dionne Warwick. Elliott and the family want an apology from Kanye and a switch of album art. But after an $85,000 price tag that may be a distant request.
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Duppy Freestyle | Drake’s Pusha T Diss


Drake did what Drake does and the internet went NUTS!!!

When will these rappers stop allowing a dude in a turtleneck defeat them? Why haven’t they learned from the Meek Mill fiasco?

Drake might be lightskinned and he may be “corny”, to some people; but what he isn’t is afraid to clapback!

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Cam’ron Explains Why He & JuJu Broke Up After 10 Years

Cam’ron Explains Why He & JuJu Broke Up After 10 Years—But Does He REALLY Have A Shady Side Chick?



Cam’ron Speaks On Breakup With JuJu

After the recent drama that ensued when LHHNY’s JuJu confirmed that she and Cam’ron split after over 10 years of dating, Killa Cam is speaking out. The Dipset rapper was a guest on “The Breakfast Club” this week where he primarily spoke on Mase and those diss tracks they traded.
While there, however, he was asked by Angela Yee to speak on his former relationship and he revealed that he and JuJu broke up because it “wasn’t fun anymore.”

“Yeah but you know basically it was kinda mutual,” said Cam’ron. “For me it just wasn’t fun anymore, I met JuJu in 2002, she was my friend before we started being serious. That was my homegirl and everything was fun. Once Instagram came out, I”m the one promoting her on Instagram, marketing her, showing her body, showing how beautiful she is without being too distasteful about it—[but] basically, it stopped being fun.
Then it started getting serious. ‘Why you following her?!’ ‘Why you liking this person picture?!’ That was my best friend for years and I think she felt that way too.”

According to Cam, he and JuJu have been broken up for around SIX months and she had plans to reveal the breakup on “Love & Hip Hop NY.” And as for that “side chick” who claimed that she was the new woman in Cam’s life, that’s just his homegirl Roxxi.

JuJu and Roxxi’s beef apparently started when JuJu’s sister commented on Cam being seen out with one of his friends, a white woman named Cole. Roxxi jumped in to defend the woman and JuJu also jumped in leading Roxxi to completely fabricate rumors she was sleeping with Cam.

“Hell no, that’s my homegirl. Word to my son, I never touched her, kissed her, nothing,” said Cam’ron. “Roxxi came at JuJu and started acting like we were f*** to make JuJu mad. They [Roxxi and JuJu] know each other, we all hang out. Everybody knows I’m not f**** Roxxi, JuJu knows I’m not f**** Roxxi.”

He also added that he didn’t try to stop their public beef because he didn’t want to get in between two women arguing and added that JuJu’s next boyfriend will have “the best girl in the world.”

Oh Cam, luckily it looks like JuJu’s doing just fine without him.

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