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The Symptoms of Slavery …


The field of study called epigenetics explains that our DNA contains memories passed down from previous generations. Researchers have conducted massive studies that identify how trauma has been passed down to descendants of Jewish holocaust survivors.


Scholars are using the same approach to understand how slavery still physically affects Black people today.
For 400 years, our ancestors worked up to 18 hours per day on little to no food. They burned around 4,000-5,000 calories.
We’ve only had several decades to adjust to a less active lifestyle, which may contribute to the high rates of obesity Black people experience today.


Many Black people are born into PTSD and depression as part of the legacy of rape and beatings that were inherent in slavery and Black life. We’ve inherited that trauma, y’all.
Our bodies remember, and respond to it with elevated stress hormones, impacting our heart health.
Ancestral memory is real. Memories of suffering and survival are embedded within us.



It’s a gift and a curse: we know the pain we’ve experienced, and we know the strength of our resilience. From this, we can remember to take care of ourselves, our minds, and each other.

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Tyler, The Creator Wants to See More Black Cartoon Characters


Tyler, The Creator just released a new album for fans, but he’s still focusing on his TV career. While attending San Diego Comic Con to promote his upcoming The Jellies! cartoon, the Flower Boy rapper explains why he made the main character, Cornell, black, as he was previously white on the GOLF Media app.

The “Boredom” entertainer believes that there aren’t enough black cartoons on television right now, and explains why he wanted to make sure there was better representation in the cartoon world. He also details why Cornell won’t fit any of the potential stereotypes that have followed black characters in the past.

“Why you make him black?’ Why can’t niggas have anything, man?” Tyler exclaims. “How many fuckin’ black cartoon characters is it on TV right now? Name five. I’ll give you time. It is none… We don’t got shit… So I said fuck that, we about to make this nigga black, and he ain’t got no guns, he ain’t shoot no fucking basketball, and he a fucking goober, and we gon’ put him on TV. And he’s the lead character, he ain’t the comic relief, he ain’t the sidekick, he the lead nigga.”

The Jellies! was created by Tyler and Lionel Boyce of Odd Future and is coming soon to Adult Swim. We can also look forward to Tyler starring on his Nuts and Bolts show on Viceland next year.

Watch Tyler speak on black cartoon characters and The Jellies! in the video below.

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