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The Buckeyes Have Arrived!

One of the best things about the arrival of Fall, besides PSL (Pumpkin Spice Lattes, for all you newbies), is Football, then Basketball!!

You guys know how much I love Sports and Football /Basketball are my faves!

Check out this vid from @clevelanddotcom’s Twitter page:


Twitter strikes…again w/ College Football guy

Twitter is one of the best places on Earth if you’re into Social Media. Between, the current #POTUS updates, #MAGA and #Liberal tweeters hurling insults back and forth, “Soundcloud Rappers” spamming their timeline with links to “check out their music”, half naked girls pretending like they aren’t selling ass but promoting “music”, “T-shirts”, and “promo packages” and everything else in between. There are times when Twitter gives an innocent by stander their 15 mins of fame that eventually becomes immortalized as a GIF.

Today’s Twitter famous victim is; #CollegeFootballGuy

Whatever that text that he received, in the middle of the broadcast, said…it was enough to make him realize he was caught and had to run! Lol!

Here’s to you #CollegeFootballGuy, you’re now immortalized as a GIF!