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Cleveland’s own Kid Cudi is back with the 3rd installment to Man on the Moon, and I am loving it!!! The cadence of this whole project is super dope with an outer space type of feeling. So no problems with playing this album from the beginning to the end. I hope Cudi knows that I am patiently waiting on a collab with Travis Scott…ijs!! It’s not alot of features, but the ones who are, like Skepta, Pop Smoke, Phoebe Bridgers, and Trippie Redd keeps this project LIT!! Rating 10 out of 10


I get excited anytime I hear of Fetty Wap releasing any project! For some reason, I think fans are still stuck on the Fetty from 2014, when he ahs evolved into a different man. Now I am shocked that he released a project a few months after his brother was murdered, but hey making music or just staying busy doing what you love is a form of therapy. I definitely love this project, and as always it has a super dope vibe. Fetty enlisted features with Monty and Styles P!! Rating 8 out of 10


I couldn’t wait for Jack Harlow to finally drop his first album!!!! While listening to it all I can think of is WOW….Jack is something to take serious. He already got me ready to place him above the other guy to whom others may call a “Culture Vulture”. With Jack I do not get that type of vibe from him… from the first time I ever heard of him, he’s stayed the same and very consistent. This project flows so smoothly that the cadence of this album shows that the production did a great job! With features from Lil Baby, Big Sean, Chris Brown, Adam Levine, Bryson Tiller, the deceased Static Major, and Est Gee lets you know that this album is a definite must listen!!! Shout out to Louisville, KY y’all do breed talent!!! Rating 9 out of 10


Now yall know that I already loved the album, and her adding extra songs to it only made it better!!! Mulatto added 5 additional songs to her full length album including a dope feature from Lil Baby. Rating 9 out of 10


Mannnnn, I see why it took forever for BIA to finally come out…..she is the SHIT!!! For Certain is a whole vibe of dope lyrics and beats that will definitely keep your attention from the beginning to the end! My ladies stay winning and BIA is another lady to add to the list. BIA enlisted features from Lil Jon, Lil Durk, Doe Boy and 42 Dugg. Rating 9 out of 10


People are looking at Lil Loaded with a side eye these days! Mind you he just got out of jail under the assumption for murder, and advised that he will be releasing new music once he gets out, now here you go! I see why Lil Loaded has a nice fan base, for his music is LIT! Features including Pooh Sheisty, Hotboii, and Big KayBeezy. Rating 7 out of 10


I wont say too much in regards to this album, especially since this is the 2nd project she has dropped within the year! I get it though, this Coronavirus pandemic has alot of artists feeling uninspired, and I am glad to see that she is one artist who muscles through her problems to always come out on top! Taylor made this beautiful project with only three features from Haim, The National, and Bon Iver. Rating 9 out of 10


This album is hitting! I can tell that Kamaiyah must like that Louisiana beat type for I kept having to remind myself that she’s from Oakland. For this to be Kamaiyah’s first album, she’s coming out hard. She enlisted features from Jackboy and Mozzy, but the rest is all her, and it’s definitely listen worthy!! Rating 9 out of 10


Boldy James is out here coming to hard and representing those Griselda Boys proudly for he literally has dropped 4 projects this year alone and ALL four are hard!!! Of course it’s hardly any features, but Meyhem Lauren, Stove God Cooks, Eto, Mooch, and Rigz all contribute to the dopeness of this album! Rating 9 out of 10


Let me first say RIP to Fxxxxy!! It hurts my soul to know that Fxxxxy isn’t here to enjoy this dope ass album!!!! The cadence throughout this whole project is on a whole different level. I can’t even speak anymore on this smh Just know that this project is a must listen and vibe! Rating 10 out of 10


I like the vibe that Vory comes with on this project! I can see certain songs becoming certain anthems for us ladies! Rating 8 out of 10


This project is a whole vibe! Its alot of features that I am not going to name because its so many LOL definitely a must listen…good enough for the whole family to listen! Rating 9 out of 10

Travis Scott “AstroWorld” Review

Last Friday, Travis Scott dropped his much anticipated third album, “Astroworld” and here is my review!!! Get ready…Set….GOOOOO!!!

Hey fam! You guys just do not know how thirsty I was to get to my desk at work, put my earbuds in, and rock out to Travis Scott’s new album “Astroworld”. The album which has 17 tracks does not disappoint at all! Like, it is one of those albums you can listen to from the beginning to the end!

Now it’s time for me to dissect the album for you….starting with the first track “Stargazing” which comes in with a heavy bass line & your typical Travis Scott sound. On this track, I feel like he is prepping you for the lists of unknown surprises that comes with this album i.e. no mentions of any artists being featured on the track listing. But, while listening to this track the beat changes so fast that you will think you’re on track 2 already.

Track 2 is when the first surprise comes in…..”Carousel” The Big Tuck sample enters in quietly but gets louder! Then you hear a feature with Frank Ocean!!!! Like where in the hell has this dude been???

Track 3 “Sicko Mode” slides in with a Drake feature!!!!! In my head I’m just thinking to myself like Drake stays winnning! I do get a little mad how the beat switched so fast after Drake said like 1 bar! But hey…the album still held my attention anticipating for more! One thing I will mention is that this album felt as if it was extra songs within the songs. For, after Travis finish his part, the beat kicks back up again with Drake back on track going IN!!

Track 4 “R.I.P. Screw” is a nice screwed up track paying homage to the OG from Houston, TX who started the chopped & screwed up movement, and included a feature from Swae Lee. Their is one part in the song that I think Travis chopped & my goofy self thought maybe productions made a little error LOL

Track 5 “Stop Trying To Be God” is one of FAVORITE tracks and do you know why??? The features on this track include Cleveland’s own Kid Cudi, James Blake, and the LIVING LEGEND STEVIE WONDER!!!!! I love the hook “Stop trying to be God…thats not who you are” something I know every person can relate to. I even seen on Instagram, Akron native Lebraun James working out to this song. I see Travis just dropped a video to this just 2 days ago….check it out!

Track 6 comes in smoothly with a Juice WRLD feature called “No Bystanders”. Once the beat fully drops you will hear a Three Six Mafia sample which got me hyped of course!

Track 7 “Skeletons” which has features including Tame Impala, The Weeknd, and my favorite Pharrell. I admit this track is not one of my favorites off this album, but Travis tried to get a little deep & emotional on this song which can be truly felt when the next track comes on.

Track 8 “Wake Up” is literally beautiful song! Of course, he must be talking about his feelings about Kylie Jenner, who is the mother of his daughter, Stormi Webster. This song is so sweet that I can already imagine what the video should look like. I can imagine Travis & Kylie laid up in bed tastefully naked with the covers helping to hide certain parts of their body while they play with each other in a loving & affectionate manner.

Track 9 “5% Tint” has a sample from The Goodie Mob’s classic “Cell Therapy” which got me very excited for I doubt this new generation has no idea who The Goodie Mob is!

Track 10 “NC-17” comes in with my mind asking the question….Are you ready to turn up?? Me as the listener I respond “HELL FUCK YEA!!!” LOL. This song has 21 Savage featured on it talking about the thotties of course! I can picture this track being played at all your local strip clubs.

Track 11 “Astrothunder” is a cool track to vibe out too..nothing that’s exciting, I call these album fillers.

Track 12 “Yosemite” has NAV & Gunna featured on this song. I am trying to tell you…if this album do not have you sold already then I don’t know what else to tell you! This track comes in with a hard beat to vibe to, and stays right on flow with the album theme.

Track 13 “Can’t Say” has a Don Toliver featured on this hot track. Another nice vibed out track getting you prepped to the closing of this album or what you may think is getting close to the end.

Track 14 “Who? What?” has Take Off & Quavo from my favorite and Grammy nominated group The Migos featured on this track. Mind you, we really do not hear from Take Off alot so I can admit that I was shocked to hear him! I had to listen twice just to make sure it was not Offset!

Track 15 “Butterfly Effect” which is the first single Travis dropped from off this album about a year ago and is currently on your local radio stations play list.

Track 16 “Houstonfornication” a song talking about how if and when he needs a vacation, best believe you can find him in his city.

Track 17 “Coffee Bean” the last track where Travis is reflecting on how it is to be a boyfriend to Kylie Jenner, and he is not saying that its terrible, no, he stating how he is not what “others” expected her to be with. He said that he calls himself “Mr. Bad News” when honestly…I think he actually is one of the best people to come into her life and vice versa.

Overall, it is still too early for me to declare if this album is a classic. I will say that this album will be one of my favorite albums to play from the beginning to the end with no interruptions. “Astroworld” reminds me of Memphis Bleek album “Coming Of Age”…it is not listed as a classic to the masses, but to those who truly loved the Roc-A-Fella Label, it is a classic! I heard that Travis stated that this album is supposed to be a part of a trilogy, and was actually supposed to been released prior to his second album “Rodeo”. While I did enjoy his second album, with “Astroworld” you can really hear his growth and how he is evolving has an artist as well as a producer. Great album Travis Scott!!!