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Rapsody, GZA & D’Angelo On A 9th Wonder track

ORIGINAL STORY: Following 2017’s Grammy-nomination run with Laila’s Wisdom, Rapsody is moving into her next album campaign. In late June, the Snow Hill, North Carolina MC revealed her plans through a cryptic video, that very briefly flashed the word “Eve” in addition to footage of great Black women across arts and culture, ranging from Beyoncé and Aretha Franklin to Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah. Days later, the Jamla Records/Roc Nation artist confirmed to Essence‘s Sydney Scott that Eve is an album, planned for August.

Heads get their first taste today (August 2), and it’s another nod to iconic 1990s Hip-Hop. Rapsody enlists GZA and D’Angelo for “IBTIHAJ.” The collaboration, produced by 9th Wonder, honors The Genius’ 1995 breakout “Liquid Swords” from the LP of the same name.

After letting the momentum build (and D’Angelo doing a rendition of the original chorus), Rap’ spits, “When the MCs came to live out their name / Inscribed in the halls and the walls of fame / Balancing life, wrote both the yin and yang / Hands buried the man and they raised the son to reign / That’s a play on words, they say herb ain’t all the same / Slaves in prison and they some unchained / While everybody in my gang a star, DJ Preem’ / Screaming through the sun roof, ‘money still ain’t a thang’ / While I’m spending small bank, asking ‘where is my change?’ / Carpool with the homies, saving gas in my tank / I think like a billionaire, I spend less than I make / Strong minded, I should bench way more than my weight / Women been leading the way, since Roxanne Shanté / And the Unit had Flavor, and Jay had Marcy neighbors that waved.” In her verse (that keeps GZA’s opening line), Rapsody addresses maintaining core values through her success and fame. Throughout, she nods to Hip-Hop giants including Queen Latifah, the First Lady of the Juice Crew, DJ Premier, The Lady Of Rage, Wu-Tang Clan, and her Roc Nation honcho, JAY-Z.

GZA, who has been especially reserved in releasing music lately, raps about keeping his product and profile scarce. “When I’m so off the radar, it’s very hard to find me / In space, a selfie, with the Earth behind me / You follow the leader, the track is off the meter / A lot of Rap is weak, low frequency in the tweeters / Very inaudible, clock radio speakers / Quietly whispering is a world of WikiLeak-ers / Forget the gaudiness my method is nauseant / Transferring ideas into the brains of the audience / The street poet gave this special art form a global reach / I earned your ear, then your heart by giving the local speech / Weaving wonder with words as potent as a sorcery / Not witchcraft, but a list of terms in the glossary / Well-written rap, bound to have a great impact / On a listener for the fact it’s well intact / An MC should electrify, beautify, strive to / Empower, inspire, transform a world view,” spits the Brooklyn giant.

Murs & Rapsody Team Up On A Song Produced By 9th Wonder’s Daughter

As if GZA’s appearance were not rare enough, D’Angelo accents the homage with his multi-tracked vocal. 9th Wonder freaks the same sample RZA used, but does so differently. He lets another jewel in the record play into this beat.

Notably, the title references Ibtihaj Muhammad, the 2016 USA Olympic fencer. She was the first American to wear a hijab while competing on the historic and global stage. Winning the bronze, Muhammad became the first-ever Muslim-American woman to earn a medal. Given the June video, and May’s “Phylicia” (with Phylicia Rashad as its artwork), Rapsody may be titling her Eve tracks after her inspirations. Laila’s Wisdom had its aspects of concept, as Rap’ explained to AFH TV.

Check out https://ambrosiaforheads.com/2019/08/rapsody-gza-dangelo-9th-wonder-liquid-swords/ for more on this story.

Ok….So Who Is Brother Love?

Sean “Diddy” Combs has changed his name yet again!!

Sean “Diddy” Combs has changed his name again. The man of many different aliases & stage names decided that going by Diddy is not where he is at in life right now. He rather now be called “Love” or “Brother Love”. This comes at a surprise for we are just now getting used to the name Diddy. Sean just turned 48 years old on November 4th, and wanted to announce his changes to the world via a video posted to his twitter page.

“I have some very serious..serious news..umm..I been praying on this and I decided…I know it’s risky…it could come off corny to some people. Well…I decided to change my name again….I’m just not who I am before. I’m something different…so my knew name is “Love” aka “Brother Love”….I will not be answering to Puffy, Diddy, Puff Daddy or any of my other monikers, but “Love” or “Brother Love”

Do not be alarmed, Sean or Brother Love, is not going to change his name permanently, this is only for entertainment purposes. I do wonder what positive energy is in his life right now that is keeping him on a peace, love, and happiness vibe. Whatever it is Brother Love, I am still down like 4 flats and Happy Birthday to you!!!

Lupe Fiasco Paints Toxic Picture of America in “Made in the USA” Video

Lupe Fiasco has always been outspoken about the issues and social injustices in this country, and his new video paints a strong picture of his views. The Chicago rapper releases the visuals for his “Made in the USA” record, which talks about the toxic events and views that the youth have to absorb daily.

The video from the “Jump” MC depicts some powerful imagery on an older television set, which is being watched by a small baby. The small child cries as he soaks up some of the scenes from moments in history, as Lupe raps his verses on the set. There’s even a moment where the little boy crawls over to a gun on the ground and holds it after seeing it also being shown on the television screen.

The Streetrunner-produced song, which originally dropped last November, speaks on a lot of different topics that are affecting the U.S. today, including guns, drugs, hip-hop and more.

While fans are still hoping for the three albums they were previously promised from Lupe, who revealed they wouldn’t be dropping last year due to clearance issues, he’s tiding them over with these new visuals.

Watch the music video for Lupe’s “Made In the USA” record below to see what the youth are absorbing in this country.

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