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$am Supreme The Miss:Tape Album Release Party

$am Supreme The MISS:Tape Album Release Party

Written by P.S. Rambo


If you can make it in Cleveland, you can make it anywhere. I remember hearing that phrase as a kid and not understanding the meaning of it. In a city where everybody has a song to sing and a chip on their shoulder, it seems almost impossible to find genuine comradery. That’s the first thing I thought as I sat in the back corner of The Winchester Music Tavern, observing the crowd before approaching the tiny superstar that is $am Supreme. I could tell from her smile and hand shake that she had something to say, a message to tell. As the showcase started, and she introduced the first act, there was a child like glee in her voice. From my experiences, a lot of artist, especially new artists don’t want to admit their fandom for a fellow artist. So, it was a relief to see how every artist cheered on the next. Each had a relationship that you could tell ran deep. Famyne Red led the pack, giving an energetic performance that left me searching for him on Instagram to make sure I could get more later. Next up was MellowXAckt, performing songs of his latest release, The Wind EP. Tribe Untitled, a local group consisting of 6 over the top lyricists that had more energy that I think I’ve been able to muster up in years.


Finally, it was time for the reason we all came together, Sam supreme herself. From the first song on her set list, the rage was real. Her producer, Dijital, soon graced the stage, keeping the energy in the building at a constant high. Heading banging and dancing across the stage playful, Sam proved to be a true performer, not missing a beat. On more intimate tracks, she sat, speaking her truths so profoundly, it couldn’t be denied. You would’ve expected on a night as big as this for an artist to want the spotlight to themselves, but that wasn’t the case at all. At one point she even invited someone from the crowd to freestyle. If tonight is any look into the future, I must say that is it bright for the female powerhouse that is $am Supreme. Spirits tell all, and hers speaks of a humility and hunger that is unmatched. The MISS:tape is available on all digital platforms.

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