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Takeoff, one of the members from the Migos, announced 2 weeks ago that he will be dropping his solo effort after Quavo’s solo album dropped. Since the release date of his solo album is quickly approaching on November 1st, we was blessed with a teaser to assist with the anticipation of it’s release!

I don’t know about y’all…BUUUTTTT I believe Takeoff’s album will be better than Quavo’s! I can’t say if it will be better than Offset for he is one of my faves too, but Takeoff is the one whose flow is so raw & if you are not paying attention you will not get what he is saying LOL we cant take him for a joke, for there was a time when Offset was going back n forth to jail and while he was absent, Quavo & Takeoff were holding the group down! So before anyone tries to write my boy off, who is also a Gemini too, listen first then come to my new music Friday post to comment your thoughts!