Artistic Rebels 3rd Anniversary

#Team216TheBeatCleveland had the opportunity to broadcast live at the Artistic Rebels 3rd Anniversary party and dance competition.

The Cleveland team had the chance to broadcast live at the Artistic Rebels 3rd Anniversary party and dance competition in Beachwood, OH on May 19th. While my team was setting things up, I had the chance to check out the venue & meet the different dance crews who were participating in the competition. The first group, for which I already figured out who they was, the Artistic Rebels, who was dressed in all black with red lettering. The next group, TK Entertainment, hailing from my father’s & LeBron’s hometown, Akron, OH. One of the groups whose energy was I truly enjoyed was, Next Step. Then last but not least the group, Mute Crew.

As soon as 7:30pm came in one of 216 The Beats djs, Dj Raven, started playing on the 1s & 2s….a whole vibe entered the dance studio. Every time I turned my head it was someone dancing or doing their own dance move getting hyped! The dance competition did not start yet, so I assumed the dancers were just warming up to past time.

The energy was so positive throughout the whole event. I can admit, due to my busy schedule, I rarely get time to myself just to have fun, and I can say that not me, but the rest of 216 The Beat crew truly enjoyed ourselves. It felt like a mini melting pot. There was people of different races, for example, it was a guy, who just joined the Artistic Rebels, had came up to represent for his crew, people of all different ages…I think the oldest person was 50 and the youngest was 2 years old, and with all those teens there, nobody started any drama or fights.

The Artistic Rebels, which is an entertainment company who specializes in promotion, choreography and more, truly held a great and organized event. I loved seeing all the support from everyone who came out to the event, some even danced in the mirror by themselves LOL Their was 2 dancers that got my attention was a young girl, I believe she is part of TK Entertainment crew, can dance!! I also enjoyed watching this younger kid who looked to be about 8, he kept doing one of my favorite dance move that is hot right now!

Once the time changed to 9:30pm, the competition was ready to start! Unfortunately, I had to leave before the competition ended, but I will say is that EVERY crew brought it! The 3 winners were:

1st Place – Dauve
2nd Place – Ernie
3rd Place – Limbo Joe

On behalf of 216 The Beat Radio, we want to congratulate the winners!! I hope we will be back next year for the 4th anniversary.

Make sure to follow Artistic Rebels on ig @artisticrebels

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