Rosenberg Interviews Amber Rose!

Recently, Rosenberg from one of New York City’s top urban radio station, Hot 97, gave an interview with the lovely, Amber Rose!

I can say that I truly enjoyed this interview even though it was very short, but interesting enough to hold my attention. Out of all the Amber Rose interviews I have seen I can say that her energy with Rosenberg seemed to allow her to talk more freely about certain topics from her past relationship with Kanye West.

The interview was held at her home, in her backyard I assume…sitting close to her pool but not too far from the make shift fire set up to keep them warm. Amber had a glass of red wine she was sipping on & even referenced how she had a little buzz from it.

They instantly start off talking about her relationship with rapper, Kanye West, and what happened to her after their break up. Amber stated how she never asked of anything from Kanye after the break up, even while being broke while famous. Amber stated “I had to become an entrepreneur quick…you don”t get money from that…I walk outside an its like Oh…Amber Rose! But i’m broke af!”

Amber mentioned how when everyone learned about her past life being an exotic dancer, people was not so quick to embrace the lifestyle like they did when Cardi B or even Blac Chyna became famous. She is glad to feel like she did help to break down those doors in preventing other women who like her came from the exotic dancing background.

As for her love life goals in the future, Amber stated that she did go to see a therapist questioning why she keeps attracting narcissistic sociopaths, no names were mentioned of course. Rosenberg stated that he personally feels as if her “new” relationship is more on a positive level. Amber confirmed that her “new” relationship is that! She stated that his name is Monte, who is from Flint, MI, and loves her, her son, and is just like her best friend.

Even though, Amber did not mention exactly what Monte does as a career, she totally believes in dating a man who has his own. A man who will not look to take from her, but help add to it for she helps a lot with her family. Lastly, Amber mentioned something that I swear I did not know…. she is the reason why Nicki Minaj was featured on the famous hit “Monster” by Kanye!!!! I love women who support other women….YOU GO GIRL!

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