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Dr. EnQi Goes One On One With Cassidy (Video Interview)

The GOAT in Battle Rap meets the GOAT of Consciousness & Holistic Healing. Dr. EnQi just exposed two facts that could highlight why the legendary Philly Hustler Cassidy has been and maybe always will be ahead of his time!

Dr. EnQi didn’t teach, he didn’t lecture and didn’t take the opportunity to self-promote or mention his mantra “ENQISDETOX.COM“, he instead gave us the classic Cassidy interview of all time. Dr. EnQi exposed Cassidy’s genius and spirituality. The only thing next is to hear Cass and EnQi on a track together.


Recently I was blessed to interview a dj who I have always been inspired by musically, my father, DJ Lance.

My father’s djing career spans over 30 plus years! Even my first memories of my dad was him, his turn tables, and hella records! I could’ve interviewed any other Dj, but no one truly inspired me the most like my dad. Every one has a story and I wanted his story to be told from his beginnings in Akron, OH to his life now as Pastor Bell!

I definitely enjoyed hearing about the very first time he had a dj gig while stationed in Alaska! Believe me when I say from that very first gig, he blew up like smoke….literally!! LOL Check out part 1 of his interview below!!

Stay tuned for Part 2!!!

Katt Williams Interview With V-103’s Frank Ski & Wanda Smith

If you was not under a rock this past weekend, I know yall heard of Katt Williams going IN on Tiffany Haddish, Lil Rell, Monique, and even Wanda Smith Atlanta’s V-103 Frank Ski & Wanda Smith show!!!

From the clip initially seen, it looked as if Katt Williams was there for an interview with Frank Ski & Wanda Smith. Comedian, Red Grant, looked to have spoken for only 2 minutes when actually the interview was supposed to be promotion for Red & Wanda Smith’s show at Atlanta’s Comedy club this past Saturday. Then Katt Williams comes in giving himself major props by stating all these stats about his sales of comedy tours & as of recent his Netflix special.

The energy was starting to shift after Katt finished his list of stats…I’m guessing he wants everybody to remember who he is, but it’s a time & place for that. Wanda shifted the conversation towards his Netflix special, for which he did make a good point in stating how Netflix only offers deals per your ticket sales.

After that, the conversation really turned left! When asked about Lil Rell, Katt Williams called him “ugly”, for which I laughed, Jerrod Carmichael, Katt stated “no one will watch his special”, then stated that the only person you do have left is Tiffany Haddish and went on to explain that “she been doing comedy since she was 16 and you cant tell me a Tiffany Haddish joke..why? Because she aint did a tour yet”.

After watching this interview about a good 3xs…I kept trying to understand why Katt went IN so hard on Ms. Wanda & now I got it! While Wanda kept giving Tiffany props, it made Katt Williams more bitter about the fact that America is celebrating women like Tiffany Haddish instead of funnier comedians, in my opinion, like Melody Camacho or Luenelle.

This morning, Frank Ski & Wanda Smith chose to discuss the interview and the events following it on their morning show.

Even Tiffany Haddish responded back to Katt Williams rant on twitter!


Being an Ohio native, I truly support Katt Williams and what his influence has done for comedy. He will always be considered a legend which is something that should never be forgotten. I do believe that Katt should’ve just kept his mouth closed. You know the saying “If you don’t have nothing good to say just don’t say nothing at all” for instead of adding more promo about his Netflix special, which is great, our attentions are being directed to bad press. I suggest that if Katt has some type of clout over at Netflix, start to shop comedy deals for the comedians he truly is friends with & respect! I see the opening for it & I am one of the fans who will view it!

Rosenberg Interviews Amber Rose!

Recently, Rosenberg from one of New York City’s top urban radio station, Hot 97, gave an interview with the lovely, Amber Rose!

I can say that I truly enjoyed this interview even though it was very short, but interesting enough to hold my attention. Out of all the Amber Rose interviews I have seen I can say that her energy with Rosenberg seemed to allow her to talk more freely about certain topics from her past relationship with Kanye West.

The interview was held at her home, in her backyard I assume…sitting close to her pool but not too far from the make shift fire set up to keep them warm. Amber had a glass of red wine she was sipping on & even referenced how she had a little buzz from it.

They instantly start off talking about her relationship with rapper, Kanye West, and what happened to her after their break up. Amber stated how she never asked of anything from Kanye after the break up, even while being broke while famous. Amber stated “I had to become an entrepreneur quick…you don”t get money from that…I walk outside an its like Oh…Amber Rose! But i’m broke af!”


Amber mentioned how when everyone learned about her past life being an exotic dancer, people was not so quick to embrace the lifestyle like they did when Cardi B or even Blac Chyna became famous. She is glad to feel like she did help to break down those doors in preventing other women who like her came from the exotic dancing background.

As for her love life goals in the future, Amber stated that she did go to see a therapist questioning why she keeps attracting narcissistic sociopaths, no names were mentioned of course. Rosenberg stated that he personally feels as if her “new” relationship is more on a positive level. Amber confirmed that her “new” relationship is that! She stated that his name is Monte, who is from Flint, MI, and loves her, her son, and is just like her best friend.

Even though, Amber did not mention exactly what Monte does as a career, she totally believes in dating a man who has his own. A man who will not look to take from her, but help add to it for she helps a lot with her family. Lastly, Amber mentioned something that I swear I did not know…. she is the reason why Nicki Minaj was featured on the famous hit “Monster” by Kanye!!!! I love women who support other women….YOU GO GIRL!

Getting To Know Annie-O

I had the great oppurtunity to interview up and coming artist, Annie-O last week!


I had the pleasure of getting to interview Camp Loyalty artist, Annie-O,a rapper hailing from Detroit, but has now made Atlanta her new home. At 26, Annie-O is not just your typical female rapper, she also is experienced in music production, videography, and audio engineering for other independent artists as well as for herself.
An artist who is a May birthday like me, and sounds very confident & takes her career very seriously. So serious that she migrated to Atlanta, a city known for providing way more oppurtunities for furthering music careers.

Annie-O, who in her spare time finds fullfillment in giving back to the community, has two hot singles out. I got to speak on Annie-O regarding her single “By Myself” produce by Dre Beatz. Annie-O, short for Annie Oakley, raps about the fact of learning that in life you find that its best to do things by yourself and for yourself. I know that is a topic that i know so well, and Annie-O stated that she had to learn to learn that lesson too! Once the lesson was learned the artist admits that life has been moving in a positive direction which that can be an empowering message all women.

Last Sunday, Annie-O, was a featured guest on one of the stations shows, Hit Or Miss. We got to feature her other hot single called, “GBM”, produced by Kongo Beats shows the more raw version of her. GBM which stands for Gangsta Bitch Music, shows the reason why Annie-O will be a household name one day.

Persistence & consistency is the key to success & Annie-O is on the goal to make this happen. Annie has said “I want to be considered the rose that grew from concrete, that one who made it against all odds and after everyone said I was just a typical female rapper, I really have no limits. I want to take this as far as life will allow. The grind to be the greatest is never over”. Annie-O stated that she has alot of great things to be looking forward to in 2018, and wants all of her fans to stay tuned!

Make sure to follow Annie-O on her media platforms:
TWITTER: @annieo_cl
INSTAGRAM: @annieoakley_cl
YOUTUBE CHANNEL: youtube.com/annieo_cl

Jamie Foxx Walks Off During Live ESPN Broadcast


Jamie Foxx walked off during a live ESPN broadcast when host asked about Katie Holmes!

Jamie Foxx, actor, was in the middle of prepping to play for the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on Friday night until Sport Center’s Michael Smith tried to interview him, but due to asking the wrong question, the interview ended abruptly.

It seemed as if the beginning of the interview was going well! Jamie Foxx was seen in the video saying “I’m ready-made, all you gotta do is add water,” he told an ESPN reporter on the court. “They’re ready to pour some water on me and I’m ready to rock!” until Smith mentioned about photos of Jamie Foxx and rumored girlfriend, Katie Holmes, were seen together playing basketball on Valentines Day. Once mentioned, Foxx, who had on a headset, quickly went to take them off, stood up, smiling at the camera, not uttering one word went back to the court looking like he was ready to play!

“Uh oh, did we lose him?” Smith said as Foxx was seen beginning to stretch out on the court. “Oh, he ready to go, he ready to hoop.”

While the Oscar winner did not return to finish his interview, he did look like he was still in great spirits while standing next to singer, Justin Beiber. SELRES_51b87a0d-fd44-4073-804f-eb1dde24662cTMZSELRES_51b87a0d-fd44-4073-804f-eb1dde24662c made sure to catch the video of the quick interview, which I have posted above.

I have no idea why the media is shocked about Jamie’s reaction, he has always been very private about his personal life! I remember I did not know he had a child until he was nominated for an Oscar back in 2005, and brought her as a date. Think about it….we still have no idea who her mother is! I do respect that he wants to keep the relationship with Katie silent. Their was a time when Katie was constantly in the news about her marriage with Tom Cruise, their child together, and even the break up! I believe she is another individual who prefers to keep her personal relationship quiet too! I can not list off the top of my brain as to whom she dated in her past prior to Tom Cruise!

Well, peers if you did learn anything from Jamie Foxx short interview is to not question about his personal life regardless if he with Katie Holmes or not allow him to be the one to make the initiative! We here at 216 The Beat wish both Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx the best!