Getting To Know Annie-O

I had the great oppurtunity to interview up and coming artist, Annie-O last week!


I had the pleasure of getting to interview Camp Loyalty artist, Annie-O,a rapper hailing from Detroit, but has now made Atlanta her new home. At 26, Annie-O is not just your typical female rapper, she also is experienced in music production, videography, and audio engineering for other independent artists as well as for herself.
An artist who is a May birthday like me, and sounds very confident & takes her career very seriously. So serious that she migrated to Atlanta, a city known for providing way more oppurtunities for furthering music careers.

Annie-O, who in her spare time finds fullfillment in giving back to the community, has two hot singles out. I got to speak on Annie-O regarding her single “By Myself” produce by Dre Beatz. Annie-O, short for Annie Oakley, raps about the fact of learning that in life you find that its best to do things by yourself and for yourself. I know that is a topic that i know so well, and Annie-O stated that she had to learn to learn that lesson too! Once the lesson was learned the artist admits that life has been moving in a positive direction which that can be an empowering message all women.

Last Sunday, Annie-O, was a featured guest on one of the stations shows, Hit Or Miss. We got to feature her other hot single called, “GBM”, produced by Kongo Beats shows the more raw version of her. GBM which stands for Gangsta Bitch Music, shows the reason why Annie-O will be a household name one day.

Persistence & consistency is the key to success & Annie-O is on the goal to make this happen. Annie has said “I want to be considered the rose that grew from concrete, that one who made it against all odds and after everyone said I was just a typical female rapper, I really have no limits. I want to take this as far as life will allow. The grind to be the greatest is never over”. Annie-O stated that she has alot of great things to be looking forward to in 2018, and wants all of her fans to stay tuned!

Make sure to follow Annie-O on her media platforms:
TWITTER: @annieo_cl
INSTAGRAM: @annieoakley_cl

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