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2 Chainz Announces New Album “Rap Or Go To The League”


2 Chainz announces new album “Rap Or Go To The League” during NBA All-star weekend.

About a week ago 2 Chainz’s surprisingly dropped an EP titled The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It  which included four songs that I assumed will be on his next full length album that is coming soon, but I did not know when nor what the album title will be, until this weekend when he dropped the news.

2 Chainz already has a radio hit collaboration that includes, Kendrick Lamar, Saudi & Schoolboy Q, called “X” from off the Marvel Comics movie, Black Panther, soundtrack. 2 Chainz is well known for having a lot to say will continue with more on this new album.

The scheduled released date has not been mentioned yet so stay tuned!

Jamie Foxx Walks Off During Live ESPN Broadcast


Jamie Foxx walked off during a live ESPN broadcast when host asked about Katie Holmes!

Jamie Foxx, actor, was in the middle of prepping to play for the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on Friday night until Sport Center’s Michael Smith tried to interview him, but due to asking the wrong question, the interview ended abruptly.

It seemed as if the beginning of the interview was going well! Jamie Foxx was seen in the video saying “I’m ready-made, all you gotta do is add water,” he told an ESPN reporter on the court. “They’re ready to pour some water on me and I’m ready to rock!” until Smith mentioned about photos of Jamie Foxx and rumored girlfriend, Katie Holmes, were seen together playing basketball on Valentines Day. Once mentioned, Foxx, who had on a headset, quickly went to take them off, stood up, smiling at the camera, not uttering one word went back to the court looking like he was ready to play!

“Uh oh, did we lose him?” Smith said as Foxx was seen beginning to stretch out on the court. “Oh, he ready to go, he ready to hoop.”

While the Oscar winner did not return to finish his interview, he did look like he was still in great spirits while standing next to singer, Justin Beiber. SELRES_51b87a0d-fd44-4073-804f-eb1dde24662cTMZSELRES_51b87a0d-fd44-4073-804f-eb1dde24662c made sure to catch the video of the quick interview, which I have posted above.

I have no idea why the media is shocked about Jamie’s reaction, he has always been very private about his personal life! I remember I did not know he had a child until he was nominated for an Oscar back in 2005, and brought her as a date. Think about it….we still have no idea who her mother is! I do respect that he wants to keep the relationship with Katie silent. Their was a time when Katie was constantly in the news about her marriage with Tom Cruise, their child together, and even the break up! I believe she is another individual who prefers to keep her personal relationship quiet too! I can not list off the top of my brain as to whom she dated in her past prior to Tom Cruise!

Well, peers if you did learn anything from Jamie Foxx short interview is to not question about his personal life regardless if he with Katie Holmes or not allow him to be the one to make the initiative! We here at 216 The Beat wish both Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx the best!