Katt Williams Interview With V-103’s Frank Ski & Wanda Smith

If you was not under a rock this past weekend, I know yall heard of Katt Williams going IN on Tiffany Haddish, Lil Rell, Monique, and even Wanda Smith Atlanta’s V-103 Frank Ski & Wanda Smith show!!!

From the clip initially seen, it looked as if Katt Williams was there for an interview with Frank Ski & Wanda Smith. Comedian, Red Grant, looked to have spoken for only 2 minutes when actually the interview was supposed to be promotion for Red & Wanda Smith’s show at Atlanta’s Comedy club this past Saturday. Then Katt Williams comes in giving himself major props by stating all these stats about his sales of comedy tours & as of recent his Netflix special.

The energy was starting to shift after Katt finished his list of stats…I’m guessing he wants everybody to remember who he is, but it’s a time & place for that. Wanda shifted the conversation towards his Netflix special, for which he did make a good point in stating how Netflix only offers deals per your ticket sales.

After that, the conversation really turned left! When asked about Lil Rell, Katt Williams called him “ugly”, for which I laughed, Jerrod Carmichael, Katt stated “no one will watch his special”, then stated that the only person you do have left is Tiffany Haddish and went on to explain that “she been doing comedy since she was 16 and you cant tell me a Tiffany Haddish joke..why? Because she aint did a tour yet”.

After watching this interview about a good 3xs…I kept trying to understand why Katt went IN so hard on Ms. Wanda & now I got it! While Wanda kept giving Tiffany props, it made Katt Williams more bitter about the fact that America is celebrating women like Tiffany Haddish instead of funnier comedians, in my opinion, like Melody Camacho or Luenelle.

This morning, Frank Ski & Wanda Smith chose to discuss the interview and the events following it on their morning show.

Even Tiffany Haddish responded back to Katt Williams rant on twitter!


Being an Ohio native, I truly support Katt Williams and what his influence has done for comedy. He will always be considered a legend which is something that should never be forgotten. I do believe that Katt should’ve just kept his mouth closed. You know the saying “If you don’t have nothing good to say just don’t say nothing at all” for instead of adding more promo about his Netflix special, which is great, our attentions are being directed to bad press. I suggest that if Katt has some type of clout over at Netflix, start to shop comedy deals for the comedians he truly is friends with & respect! I see the opening for it & I am one of the fans who will view it!

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