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Northeast Ohio Rock with DJ Terry


Why did you want to work as a DJ? I have always loved music and growing up in Cleveland so when i was in College I worked as an intern at WMMS and loved the connection the DJs had with both the artist and the fans.

What skills do you think DJs need to be successful? A success DJ needs to be technically savvy, well spoken and a understand music theory. Most of all I believe a successful DJ must be stay in touch with their listeners and the music industry

DJ Terry for 216 The Beat Radio Station

How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends? I enjoy seeing live local music in our area venues , reading local newspapers and magazines and using social media to discover new music.

What techniques do you use to engage listeners? I engage my listeners through social media and at local shows

What would you say is the most rewarding part of being a DJ? The must rewarding part is introducing my listeners to artist they have not heard of before.

Long Live Kobe Bryant

One of the United States greatest basketball players, Kobe Bryant, tragically passed away in a helicopter crash yesterday.


A total of 9 people passed in this terrible accident. I am still in shock about it myself! Kobe is in my age group. I am a mother of 3 children with one on the way, and I can not imagine having to bury my partner and child at the same time.


Sad incidents such as this really makes you analyze your life and the people who are involved in it. I bet Kobe and everyone who was on that helicopter woke up on Sunday only looking to attend a girls basketball game. It makes you realize that when we get up in the morning getting ourselves ready for work or school that we may not make it back home to our loved ones.


I decided that I could’ve spent my time just going in on Kobe and his legend status, but he was not the only one who passed. I feel so much remorse for not only Kobe’s family, but for the other lives who were lost too! I too have dealt with losing very close people in my life some whose death I knew was coming eventually due to long term illnesses, while the others were so unexpected.

During a time where mental health is being stressed, I just hope that everyone takes this time to grieve, and to take into consideration that even though a lot of us have never met Kobe, his daughter, or the other families involved, does not mean it did not touch our hearts or make us hug our own kids real tight. I know for me, I have to give myself atleast 5 years to really grieve. I remember when my god sister passed from complications due to Lupus it took me about that much time just to be able to speak about her without shedding a tear.

Losing a loved one does add a void in your life. I chose to always remember the greatest in a person or to reminisce on the fun times that I will always treasure. Like Kobe, I can remember when he took singer, Brandy Norwood, to prom back in 1996. Or how he was one of the first people to get drafted into the NBA right out of high school like LeBron James. Or the one year the Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers were in the 2001 NBA finals, Kobe found his self going head to head with Allen Iverson, who was also drafted in the NBA the same year as him.

Just so many memories, that I know we all will treasure forever. Always remember that what we all have in common is that everyday is granted to us. Make sure to give people their praises while they are alive, and to cherish this day like it is your last!



Each week I am going to post artist’s that I believe people should check out! This week I have two artists from Cleveland who have 2 totally different styles, but have music that anyone will love and enjoy. From your conscious music to booty shaking music or even to rhythm & blues, if the content is dope, I want to be one of the first to promote it!!!

Last month I had the chance to meet with this up & coming artist who goes by the name of Malik X. A conscious individual who describes himself as someone who is consciously trying to get some money. He is a young artist who you can tell is grinding his way thru this business & is making his own lane. Malik X is also a co-owner of a nice venue in Cleveland called The Underground. It’s a place that offers spoken word, open mic nights, and performances from many of the talented artists in the city, as well as Malik X. Make sure to stay tuned for I will be posting my interview with him soon! Check out 2 of his recent singles below & make sure to follow @king_lftg on both twitter & instagram.

Now…I find it amazing how you can follow someone for YEARS on social media & not really know much about them! Well, this artist who goes by the name of Chris J Allday, is one of those people. I got to listen to his project called “Allday” and I am in complete awe of this project. Chris has a delivery that commands your attention but allows you to truly peep his lyrics while vibing to the beat. The “Allday” project was released a couple of months ago and has songs to sit back & vibe to, turn up to, and even shake ya ass to LOL Just like I mentioned for the artist above, I guarantee this will not be the last time you will hear of Chris J Allday. Check out a few of the songs from off his recent project & make sure to follow @chrisjallday on instagram.


Hey! Don’t forget that 216 The Beat Radio station is the platform for all those voices who are being UNHEARD!!! I had the pleasure to check out these 2 artists singles that I actually liked & I feel have a message to be spread! Sometimes we can’t always post the most repetitive things…I like to show how diversified we are as a station, and I do know for a fact that Cleveland has a whole smorgasbord of talent….check these 2 out!!

THE actual TANIS

Tanis Quach aim is seeking to expand a consciousness and an artistic platform that is not perverted by the satanic or stereotypical agenda that is normally being pushed.

contact: theactualtanis@gmail.com


C-Still states that this song is about no matter what the situation is being true to yourself, not giving up, and always remembering that you always got the better hand…..that you can make your situation turn out to be the best situation. RATHER BE ME!!


Hey family! ITS HUMP DAY!!!!!And also the middle of the week so thankful that Friday will be here in 2 days! While waiting for this special day my ladies are repping on a whole level! Talented reggae artist from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Spice, dropped a video explaining being treated differently by people due to the color of her skin. Its basically the light skinned versus dark skinned issue. Then, my friend in my head, Cardi B, FINALLY dropped a single that I must say will be another banger *insert dj khalid voice* ANOTHER ONE!! LOL Lastly, my Miami queen Trina dropped a hot single letting all y’all know that she is still the Baddest Bitch! Comment your thoughts below!!