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Northeast Ohio Rock with DJ Terry


Why did you want to work as a DJ? I have always loved music and growing up in Cleveland so when i was in College I worked as an intern at WMMS and loved the connection the DJs had with both the artist and the fans.

What skills do you think DJs need to be successful? A success DJ needs to be technically savvy, well spoken and a understand music theory. Most of all I believe a successful DJ must be stay in touch with their listeners and the music industry

DJ Terry for 216 The Beat Radio Station

How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends? I enjoy seeing live local music in our area venues , reading local newspapers and magazines and using social media to discover new music.

What techniques do you use to engage listeners? I engage my listeners through social media and at local shows

What would you say is the most rewarding part of being a DJ? The must rewarding part is introducing my listeners to artist they have not heard of before.

MegaDon Concert At The Grog Shop

MegaDon got blessed to open up for one of my favorite artists, Project Pat, at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Hts, OH!!

I wrote a review for Cleveland, Ohio artist MegaDon a while back for his Edgewater Ep, so when he told the station about an upcoming show for which he would be opening up for Project Pat, I totally could not pass up the oppertunity!

The concert was held at the legendary Grog Shop in the historic Coventry Village area located in the suburb of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Since this was my very first time attending a show at the Grog Shop, I was very excited, and could not wait to turn up!

Prior to MegaDon coming to the stage, there was a group of young men who had “RIP XXX” on they shirts. A very cool dance group, they literally held the crowd’s attention…peep the video below!

After the artists with the “RIP XXX” left the stage, it was time for MegaDon to enter! I totally felt his energy mixed with a little bit of excitement and probably a little bit of nervousness, with an overall stage presence that demanded attention. Some of the songs MegaDon performed were from the Edgewater Ep. You could tell the crowd was feeling it by the wave of hands in the air vibing to the music.

Once his set was over, MegaDon shouted out his family who came to support, 216 The Beat radio station, Cream, the station owner and even me, Mz. Slim Goody! I admit it felt good to finally support one of the artists who supports the station & puts on for my City of Cleveland!!!

For more of MegaDon’s performance check out the video below!

FYI! Excuse my so called video editing LMAO