Each week I am going to post artist’s that I believe people should check out! This week I have two artists from Cleveland who have 2 totally different styles, but have music that anyone will love and enjoy. From your conscious music to booty shaking music or even to rhythm & blues, if the content is dope, I want to be one of the first to promote it!!!

Last month I had the chance to meet with this up & coming artist who goes by the name of Malik X. A conscious individual who describes himself as someone who is consciously trying to get some money. He is a young artist who you can tell is grinding his way thru this business & is making his own lane. Malik X is also a co-owner of a nice venue in Cleveland called The Underground. It’s a place that offers spoken word, open mic nights, and performances from many of the talented artists in the city, as well as Malik X. Make sure to stay tuned for I will be posting my interview with him soon! Check out 2 of his recent singles below & make sure to follow @king_lftg on both twitter & instagram.

Now…I find it amazing how you can follow someone for YEARS on social media & not really know much about them! Well, this artist who goes by the name of Chris J Allday, is one of those people. I got to listen to his project called “Allday” and I am in complete awe of this project. Chris has a delivery that commands your attention but allows you to truly peep his lyrics while vibing to the beat. The “Allday” project was released a couple of months ago and has songs to sit back & vibe to, turn up to, and even shake ya ass to LOL Just like I mentioned for the artist above, I guarantee this will not be the last time you will hear of Chris J Allday. Check out a few of the songs from off his recent project & make sure to follow @chrisjallday on instagram.

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