Denise Richards Joins The Cast Of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Actress and Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, has signed on to be a cast member of one of the Bravo channel’s long running series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

While watching Wendy Williams play catch up, after returning from a month long break, touched on her “Hot Topics” portion of her show, which is also celebrating it’s 10th season,she mentioned how actress & Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, has now joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! For which I think is a great idea!

Denise Richards, who has movie credits such as: Scary Movie 3, Undercover Brother, Madea’s Witness Protection and a lot more to name is not new to this world of TV…

While Wendy Williams was talking about Richards, she mentioned how Denise will not be a good fit for the show! See, Wendy thinks Denise story line will be boring. The only exciting thing that has happened to Denise recently is her marriage to Aaron Phypers, which will also be filmed for the show too!

In my opinion I think she will be great! I dont think Wendy forgot that while Denise Richards is beautiful, kind of private, and has a decent reputation….she still dated Heather Locklear’s ex husband, Richie Sambora, back in 2006!!!

Heather Locklear was Denise’s good friend & neighbor. Denise went from consoling her bff from a divorce to walking hand in hand with her ex as if that looked cool. Poor Heather claimed that Denise & Richie’s relationship was OK & she had no problems with them being a couple and the relationship lasted for 6 years.

Just that history of Denise has me anticipating the up coming season! You never know what nerves she may push or whose man she might steal next! LOL I’m just playing with you guys! Make sure to tune this winter for the new season on Bravo!

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