Dallas, TX Cop Fatally Shoots Innocent Man

A Dallas, Texas cop literally shoots an innocent man inside his own apartment all due to mistaking his apartment for her own!

This past Thursday, police officer, Amber Guyger, who has been on the force for 4 years is now facing manslaughter charges for shooting & killing innocent victim, Botham Jean, in his apartment. The police officer literally thought that this was her apartment. The victim Botham Jean, did not have the chance to scream or do anything for as soon as the cop went in the unlocked apartment, as soon as she seen a figure moving in the dark, she started to shoot.

What’s even more crazier is that the cop did not get arrested till Sunday even though Jean was killed on Thursday!! As of now, we have no idea if she was drunk or intoxicated from off any drugs, but questions linger of “If Jean was white, would he had gotten shot?” and “Usually cops are supposed to pay attention to detail, how did Guyger missed the details showing that she was going into the wrong apartment?”

Now, I can’t say that nothing like this has ever happened before for this has happened to me…minus the shooting & killing part. Some time ago my mom was staying in these high rise apartments and anywhere she moves to I always have keys to her place just in case of emergencies, etc. Well, on this particular day, my mom was keeping my kids for me while I worked so to extend my free time longer, I went to get some drinks! An hour or so goes by and I am ready to grab the kids and head home…

Usually I would take the elevator but chose to take the stairs this time. While checking my text messages, my ass did not realize that instead of going to the 3rd floor, I only went to the 2nd floor. What makes the story weird is that i put my mothers key in the door & it literally unlocked itself. Then I looked up to see an apartment that doesn’t look like my moms & some stranger dude sitting on his couch looking shocked out his mind just like I can assume my face was looking the same too!

Thankfully no one was hurt & alerted management to how my moms 3rd floor door key was able to unlock the doors of the apartment directly under her! It is sad for both parties that a situation like that even happened I will stay tuned to more details for something seems to be missing in this story!

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