Jimmii Montana Show’s Us That She is “Blacked”



When I was told I’d be interviewing Jimmii Montana just a few weeks ago, I had never heard of her. The first thing I did, naturally in this technologically driven generation, was look up her Instagram. There were two things I could tell just from scrolling briefly. She had an amazing fan base and that she was lyrically superior to most rappers walking around Cleveland. As we talked in our interview, Montana promised that her EP, titled “Blacked”, would be just that. Fast forward to the release, and a promise that was more than kept. The four-song project, perfectly mastered, may be one of the best projects I’ve heard from an indie artist this year. “Melanin”, an ode to blackness and self-love, gives you a glimpse of where she gets her confidence from, while “Ghetto Child” dives deep into some of what she’s been through and the responsibilities she’s had to carry. The way that Montana conquers each beat with her lyrics is something that artists don’t do very often these days. She isn’t supported by beats that overshadow her rapping simply because she has more than enough talent to not even need a beat (check out her Instagram to witness this for yourself). I was left wanting much more, and I can’t wait until I get it. “Blacked” is available on Spotify and iTunes now.

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