LeBron James Will Be Taking Over On Space Jam 2

LeBron James will be taking over from where Michael Jordan left off on the original Space Jam movie, and what make this an extra plus the sequel is the director from one of the top grossing movies of this year, Black Panther!!


Per People magazine, Spring Hill Entertainment, LeBron’s production company, posted the picture earlier today confirming to fans that he will be playing the lead in Space Jam 2. The other names shown are, Black Panther, Ryan Coogler, who will be producing, indie film director, Terrance Nance, who will be directing this movie too.

We can not forget my favorite bunny, Bugs Bunny, whose voice will be done by, Eric Gauza, and who will also be playing point guard as per the photo. Eric will also do the voice of Daffy Duck, too! Lastly, Duane Frank as the “Water Boy”.

Some of my younger readers may not remember, but the original Space Jam, which came out in 1996, starred as the lead was, Michael Jordan, who at the time was as HOT as Lebron is now in 2018. I totally can not wait to see this movie..umm I meant the KIDS can not wait to see it LOL

Also, make sure to tune in this winter on HBO, James, production company has a barber shop themed show titled, The Shop,which will have him & athletes sitting around talking about trending topics while getting a fade!

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