Do you guys know that when I found out that the collab with Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs came out on Friday and I am just now finding out about it TODAY made me so sick!!!! WOO SAHHHH….I digressed and quickly pulled my earbuds on took a mental ride vibing to this album “Fetti” while I am working!

Albums like this allows me to appreciate how the 90’s hip hop truly played a major role in my life. Listening to Alchemist productions throughout the album felt so nostalgic, but missed. I never thought I would see Freddie Gibbs & Curren$y on a project together…Nope…they seem like 2 different styles!

You have Curren$y with the smoke a joint & get on this jet high flow mixed with Freddie Gibbs deep alto gritty sound telling all these vivid dope boy stories on top of beats that made me think Prodigy was going to scream “Yo Dunn” in the chorus! I could break down each song, but I want to read you guys thoughts too!

Make sure to check this dope project out & leave me a comment! Stay Blessed my peoples!!!

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