Have you ever felt like no matter how positive you try to be or all the times you have put in being helpful to others or consistently working hard to to make a way out of no way, but no matter how much effort you put in it seems like all your efforts are constantly being blocked? Or feeling insufficient to help others or your children….constantly losing your self confidence due to expectations that were followed by disappointments or the feeling that doing good just ain’t enough??

Artist, Faded Mulah, is back attacking the issue of suicide with his new song “Good Just Ain’t Enough”. Suicide is such an issue in this country that in America, suicide is the 10th leading cause of deaths and in 2017, over 47,000 died by suicide alone, per The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

“Good Just Ain’t Enough” reminds you to check in on your loved ones, even the ones who you think don’t need to be checked on. Sometimes we are fooled in to believing that a daily smile means a person is always ok. We get so caught up in our own worlds that we do not pay attention to the fact that maybe that smile could be the mask a person is using to hide their REAL pain. DO NOT WAIT TILL IT’S TOO LATE!!!

If you or anyone you know are having any suicidal thoughts please contact the Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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