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Tyler, The Creator Grateful for award but still feels slighted

Tyler, “I don’t like that urban word; it’s just a politically correct way to say the n-word to me. When I hear that, I’m just like why can’t we be in pop?”

Tyler, the Creator may have nabbed his first golden gramophone at the Grammys on Sunday night, but he’s juggling pretty mixed feelings about the achievement. The 28-year-old artist had a momentous night at the award show, winning best rap album for Igor after taking the stage for a captivating, energetic performance, and he used his backstage interview as an opportunity to call out the Recording Academy’s unfair voting process.

“I’m half and half on it,” Tyler said of his initial reaction to scoring his first-ever Grammy. “On one side, I’m very grateful that what I made could be acknowledged in a world like this. But also, it sucks that whenever we — and I mean guys that look like me — do anything that’s genre-bending, they always put it in a rap or urban category.”

Video source: Grammys

Article source: https://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/tyler-the-creator-reaction-to-grammys-win-video-47151320


Have you ever felt like no matter how positive you try to be or all the times you have put in being helpful to others or consistently working hard to to make a way out of no way, but no matter how much effort you put in it seems like all your efforts are constantly being blocked? Or feeling insufficient to help others or your children….constantly losing your self confidence due to expectations that were followed by disappointments or the feeling that doing good just ain’t enough??

Artist, Faded Mulah, is back attacking the issue of suicide with his new song “Good Just Ain’t Enough”. Suicide is such an issue in this country that in America, suicide is the 10th leading cause of deaths and in 2017, over 47,000 died by suicide alone, per The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

“Good Just Ain’t Enough” reminds you to check in on your loved ones, even the ones who you think don’t need to be checked on. Sometimes we are fooled in to believing that a daily smile means a person is always ok. We get so caught up in our own worlds that we do not pay attention to the fact that maybe that smile could be the mask a person is using to hide their REAL pain. DO NOT WAIT TILL IT’S TOO LATE!!!

If you or anyone you know are having any suicidal thoughts please contact the Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Celebrate Together in Rare Appearance


#JamieFoxx and #KatieHolmes have kept their rumored relationship on the down low for years, but they looked every bit the happy couple at #CliveDavis‘ annual Pre-Grammy Awards Gala.

The 39-year-old actress arrived ahead of Foxx to Saturday night’s bash, sponsored by Absolut Vodka, socializing with the star-studded crowd in a red gown and with her cropped hair tucked behind one ear.

Though Foxx and Holmes sat at the same table, it appeared the actress tried to avoid drawing attention to herself  by leaving the room and moving to a different seat just moments before Davis announced the singer’s presence.

However, Davis called out the move, saying, “This lady left the room right when I was going to introduce her, she was sitting at that table right with Jamie Foxx and everyone else.”

Davis added, “If you’re going to sit together what better night than tonight?”

A camera showed Foxx, 50, cracking up while Holmes appeared somewhat chagrined to have the spotlight on her.

The duo found themselves at the same table again, where they were photographed looking happy together. When Logic performed, they stood up and danced along with others.

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JAY-Z Reveals Why He Ended His Six-Year Grammys Boycott


“I’m gonna say a lot of things tonight, but it’s all coming from a place of honesty,” the 48-year-old rapper — who’s nominated for eight Grammysthis year — said at Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Gala at the Sheraton Time Square on Saturday while accepting the 2018 Salute to Industry Icons Award.

“My introduction to the Grammys were, aside from seeing them on TV and seeing Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder and all those guys inspiring [me] to do what they did, was 1998,” he continued at the Absolut Vodka-sponsored event, which the 4:44 rapper attended with his wife.
“I had an album called Vol. II. You like that album? And I was nominated for some awards,” he said, adding that “There was another guy. His name was DMX, and he had released two albums the same year, they did like 900,000…The same year, he had released two albums, and he wasn’t nominated for any Grammys.”
“I actually boycotted the Grammys that year,” JAY-Z continued, adding that he didn’t come back until 2004, “when a beautiful young lady, whom I love dearly, had a solo album, and it was the breakout — she was nominated.”
Continued the rapper, “My first time coming back, six years later, [was] for the Crazy in Love album with the beautiful Miss Beyoncé.”
JAY-Z added that part of the reason why he decided to end his boycott of the awards ceremony was because “I realized, man, all this is super subjective, and everyone’s doing their best, and the Academy—they’re human, like we are, and they’re voting on things that they like; it’s subjective. And we believe in it because we do.”
“We can pretend that we don’t care, but we really care—we care because we see the most incredible stand on those stage, and we aspire to be that. So I realized: I had to be there. That is the idea, for us to all get involved and to push this thing further,” he added.
“No matter what happens at the Grammys, it’s going to be what it is: Bob Marley‘s gonna be Bob Marley whether he’s nominated for a Grammy or not. Tupac is gonna be Tupac. Biggieis gonna be Biggie. That’s true. But in this industry, we have to… the things that we hold and we love and we treasure, that we respect, we have to get involved.

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Offset Releases “Violation Freestyle” Video

Offset shared the video to “Violation Freestyle” which proves that Culture 2 is in the works, per Complex

King Content, who previously did the Migos “Get Right Witcha” video, is the key director for this one also!

VIOLATION FREESTYLE OUT NOW @offsetyrn 📸: @rivetingentertainment

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According to Complex, as of Monday, Culture 2 sessions had wrapped up and tracks have been forwarded for mixing. No mention of the track list yet, but we can assume that “Motorsport” featuring Nicki Minaj & Cardi B, and the new club single produced by Pharrell “Stir Fry” will be included on the album.

As for who will be producing the album we will have to wait patiently for that until then Quavo did deny rumors of Kanye West being a guest producer. Well, I am so proud of the Migos, they also are nominated for “Best Rap Album of The Year” catagory for the 2018 60th Grammy awards which will airing live on January 28th at 7:30pm eastern. I also had the pleasure of interviewing hot producer Cash Clay Beats in December regarding being Grammy nominated for his contribution to the album on the single “Kelly Price“.

Make sure to keep up with the station blog to watch out for Culture 2 updates!!!

Checking In With Grammy Nominated Producer Cash Clay Beats!

I had the pleasure to do a phone interview with Grammy nominated producer, Cash Clay Beats, a couple days prior to Christmas. Being this was my very first interview, I admit I was very nervous, but with the help of Cash Clay Beats positive energy, the vibe during the interview was overall great!

Cash Clay Beats is being nominated for producing the single, Kelly Price, off the The Migos album, The Culture. This will be the producer’s first time ever being nominated for a grammy! According to Cash Clay Beats, he has been doing music for quite some time now, first starting off as just an artist then switching to doing productions only, and shopping his beats around to those he was networking with.

An original St. Louis native, Cash Clay Beats has also produced a couple of songs for K Camp titled “Racks Like This” & “Rob Kardashian”, a single for YFN Lucci that features Trouble that just came out early December, and other songs for Boosie, & even R. Kelly! Cash Clay Beats started off as a barber, which is how he met K Camp! From being a barber is how he learned to network & promote himself. The producer advises up n coming producers to learn how to network! He states ” Sometimes you may have to network with people who are not on the 2 Chainz level, network with anyone who is involved in the music game for you never know who they might know.”

One of Cash Clay Beats goals is to produce movie soundtracks or to even work with artist as such as Katy Perry. Since he originally came from hair cutting, he will like to open up more barber shops & selling merchandise by branding his production company called Street Certified Beat Cartel.

Cash Clay Beats said to be looking out for him in 2018! He has a TV show on Comcast coming out called “The Drop”, three documentaries he is in,a compilation CD with TIG, Think Of The Game Records coming out soon, and to check out his website http://www.cashclaybeats.com for any further ventures or new music.

I know I will definitely be watching the Grammy’s this year especially since this will be the first time no Caucasian artists were nominated for “Album of the Year”, which includes Jay-Z’s the “4:44” album & Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN”. I wish Cash Clay Beats much blessings & I hope to be writing about his Grammy win!