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Last week I was blessed to have a chit chat with artist, producer, and record label owner Andrew Thomas, who hails from Minnesota, and discussed his new single ” Liquor Talkin'”. He got to explain to me how the visual for the video came about, and how the shut down of 2020 allowed him to create a visual that will really works well for the single. We also talked about his upbringing on the native reservation, seeing Prince perform at Paisley Park prior to his untimely death as well as his musical talents.

Andrew has been blessed to produce music for Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka, and plenty other artists from Minnesota!

If you want to know more about Andrew Thomas watch the interview below:

Seasra23 x Apokalips The Archangel “1137Q” (LP)

Seasra23 of TopShelfMuzik and Apokalips the Archangel release their new project 1137Q. The 19-track album produced entirely by Seasera23 features top-notch elites including DJ GlibStylez, DJ Modesty, Foul Monday, Lex, Kesper, Crippled, Hoffa, Supreme Sniper, Voices De Silencio, D-Rex, Illy the Wise, and Godfather part 3.

TopShelfMuzik and Apokalips the Archangel have become known for keeping Queens on the map when it comes to authentic NY Hip Hop, and 1137Q is no exception. Seasra23 delivers sheer ‘fix-your face’ head-nodding cadences while Apokalips administers top quality rhymes with knockout, lyrical jabs.

On Dangerous Minds Apokalips embodies a Queens-thoroughbred lifestyle while showing off his impeccable booth profession.  He drills an image being hand in hand with forty’s and spray cans rocking Polo plaid, yet a leader who always shows face and is never undercover. There’s no escaping the “dangerous mind” of this lyrical militant or his bars that sink to the pit of our stomachs.  

In Straight Out The Zoo Apokalips represents his Queen’s roots and exemplifies the similarities of street and wildlife survival as well as a strong-armed emcee preying on fallacious industry players. All the stress keep a ni**a depressed until I’m vexed then the whole world feeling possessed / Never rest Top Shelf Hip-Hop in effect / Apokalips stay humble no need to impress / I got next cancel the haters and the special effects / when I flex call me the finisher snatching your breathe to the death.”

Another lead off the album is Aggression. Set in a boxing ring going round for round, bar for bar, and verse for verse, “mumbling buffoons” are reminded that Hip Hop runs through Apokalips blood-line and will continue to keep it real until his last breath.

An unforgettable track and hair-raising one is Cycles of Life which depicts the gifts and curses of life. Surrounded by dead bodies, mothers crying, and mankind fighting to become survival of the fittest; it only makes sense to embrace what lies ahead. Apokalips vows his lyrics and spirit will live on through his family until his resurrection…

Each track is unique in flow and deliverance, yet consistent with a boom-bap vibe sure to please Hip Hop purists worldwide. Stream 1137Q and connect with Seasra23 of TopShelfMuzik and Apokalips the Archangel below.

1137Q Bandcamp & Spotify links

 apokalips da archangel bandcamp link


Apokalips The Archangel












Fantom of the Beat “Look Out Boy” Video Ft. Rhymrcka

2x Grammy-nominated Haas G (of The UMC’s) aka Fantom of the Beat and Rhymrcka exude incomparable producer/emcee chemistry in “Look Out Boy.” The single/video takes the lead off Fantom’s “Audiodrome” album, available everywhere music is sold.


Fantom of the Beat presents “Audiodrome” the album on Spotify and Apple Music

Fantom weaves together an intense blend of melodic soul, aggressive bass, and piercing drums as a canvas for Rhymrcka to flow over. The ‘look out’ theme is reiterated throughout the record by Rhymrcka’s cutthroat lyrics and punchlines.

Not new to the game, the streets, or life; this duo lead with transparent footsteps and eyes wide open. They’re able to shine in the day and move in darkness simply because they’re immune to haters and the snake-like venom they spew. Fantom and Rhymrcka are ahead of the ops, unloyal dime pieces, crews with hidden agendas, and even envious family members.

“Look Out Boy” is a simple message delivered NY style, leaving traces of armor, concrete chalk, and dusted flames behind.  Watch “Look Out Boy” and connect with NY’s notorious duo below.

Connect With Fantom of the Beat & Rhymrcka

Fantom of the Beat:

Producer Carl Madison Pays Tribute To Will Smith In “I’m Da Producer He’s Da Rapper”

Philadelphia producer Carl Madison pays tribute to West Philly’s own Hip-Hop Icon Will Smith. “I’m da Producer, He’s da Rapper” fuses Will’s classic flow and Madison’s raw and gritty approach, thus giving us a new interpretation of the Fresh Prince that the fans will appreciate and love.

I’m da Producer, He’s da Rapper by Carl Madison on Bandcamp

The nine-track project with scratches by DJ Sidewalk, elevates the essence of traditional Hip-Hop. Madison cleverly fuses soul, funk, and sounds of keys and bass to celebrate a classic album and an iconic artist.  The rendition of “Parents Just Don’t Understand, “Summertime” and “Gettin’ Funky Wit It” will have listeners reminiscent of house parties and boom-boxes vibrating on the b-ball courts.  While “Switch” will awaken the soul and lead listeners to the club banging out house music. Madison also inserts comedic skits from a few of Smith’s most popular films as well as interludes from Smith sermonizing about work ethic and excelling the craft of artistry.

Watch the full interview on what inspired the project below and stream the project here

About Carl Madison

Carl Madison is a music producer, artist, and songwriter hailing from the city of Philadelphia. Carl Madison represents an artistic revolution through music, art, education, and hip-hop culture. For all inquiries contact Stone Perspective Media stoneperspective@gmail.com

Producer Amadeus360 Ignites Charts With “A Serious Problem” Ft. M.O.P & Teflon

It takes a dominating force with animalistic instincts to run through the boroughs with vigorous, lyrical gods as M.O.P and Teflon. With a lengthy and celebrated catalog under his belt, producer Amadeus360 fits the bill!

Amadeus360 lays down an impeccable, yet gritty blueprint and enlists NY’s infamous firing squad. The combination of concrete trembling bass and pulsating tones heightens the aggressive bars. His use of intermittent cuts and scratches sends listeners into a Hip Hop induced adrenaline rush, leaving the track on repeat!  Stream “A Serious Problem” and connect with Amadeus360 on Instagram and Twitter.

About Amadeus360

Devan Amadeus Clark is a 10-year beatmaker/production vet. He is celebrated as a former DJ in NYC and surrounding areas at The Tunnel, SOBs, Fat Beats, The Shadow, and many other distinguished venues. Amadeus spun records live for Lin Q and MC Lyte, and carries production credits to Jahrell Tha Starchild, The Brotherhood From the UK, and recently M.O.P and DV Alias Khyrst.

Philly Duo Kohn x Steve Sxaks Drop ‘Light at the End’ LP

Philly based MC/producer duo of Kohn and Steve Sxaks return with a diverse, generational fused project titled ‘Light At The End.’  The 11-track album features Reub Boy, BellaBlu, 3T3N, Biz Mighty, Joe White, and Marrissa Joy.

Sxaks shows off his impeccably mastered production skills while Kohn delivers quick-witted wordplay, classic storytelling, and at times hits you with ‘in your face’ lyrical bombs. “Wanna Ride” offers listeners a laid-back vibe of R&B blends mixed with modern cadences. However, don’t get lost in hypnosis as “Goldar” picks up the pace with distinct striking sounds that heighten Kohn’s Trap flow. “Pay Up” is a catchy track, one that can be heard blaring anthem style. With no co-sign needed Kohn is securing bags while he levels up.

The album continues to intensify with “Shrimp Scampi.” Kohn’s zany flow and raw wordplay are magnified over a multi-genre mosh pit of fervid soundscapes. In “Replay” Kohn describes how life epitomes the redundancies of Groundhog Day but switches up yet again in “Fried Okra.” Over classic meets latter-day tones, Kohn spews authentic and animated lyricism for a throwback vibe.

“Bar Crawl” is the action-packed big screen track of the album with three minutes of raw lyrical sirens setting off a state of suspense and hair-raising chills. Once again, the mood shifts in “Palm Trees.” The sounds of striking drums serve as the heart of the track and magnify Kohn’s simple message of being ahead of the game as a heavyweight while other’s pen game is featherweight.

The duo impresses the ladies in “Pad Thai” and offers plenty of play to get them in the mood, and with a smooth soulful vibe, they don’t miss a beat. “Turn Around” is a track about constantly feeling on edge from a misled relationship. Kohn embodies the all too familiar tale through innovative storytelling.

To finalize the album, and in an attempt to spread a message near and far, from childhood to adulthood, from rich and poor, from every color in the rainbow; Kohn delivers countless gems in “Light At The End” about being true to what you believe no matter what.

Stream/purchase ‘Light At The End’ on preferred platforms and connect with the duo on Instagram @steve_sxaks and @kohnmusic


Over the weekend I had the chance to check out some new music videos from 2 of my favorite artists: T.I. and Plies. Certified King of the South, T.I. just dropped his 10th album entitled “Dime Trap”. While hot single Wraithe with a hot feature by Meek Millz keeps climbing the Billboard charts, T.I. has now dropped the video to The Weekend featuring Young Thug and Swizz Beatz. Check it out below:

On Thursday, Plies made an Instagram video promoting that a new video featuring Kevin Gates was going to drop on Friday titled All The Above. I assumed that this song was going to be about a love interest due to ALL the flowers I seen in Plies background as if he got a boo to be giving them out to! He must’ve forgotten that I been his “Shawty” since 2007 *TUH* LOL I thought this was going to be a weird collab, but actually it is not! Check it out below:

On Sunday during one of 216 The Beat’s Hit Or Miss Show #team216thebeatcleveland got the chance to be introduced to the featured artist of the day, Maniac Blac. What’s funny is, his name had me thinking he was going to be rapping about some gangsta shit! Actually, I feel like you can take some knowledge from his music. For example, the video to the single Luv Is A Feeling featuring J Ride & Dj Krucial is about a man who is so involved with the street life that even after his woman tells him how he seems to choose the streets over her, but unfortunately does not thinks about it until he is taking his last dying breath. I know…DEEP..right?? Sadly to say that is the biography of a lot of hood rich friends & family we love. Check the video out below & make sure to comment!!!

Checking In With Grammy Nominated Producer Cash Clay Beats!

I had the pleasure to do a phone interview with Grammy nominated producer, Cash Clay Beats, a couple days prior to Christmas. Being this was my very first interview, I admit I was very nervous, but with the help of Cash Clay Beats positive energy, the vibe during the interview was overall great!

Cash Clay Beats is being nominated for producing the single, Kelly Price, off the The Migos album, The Culture. This will be the producer’s first time ever being nominated for a grammy! According to Cash Clay Beats, he has been doing music for quite some time now, first starting off as just an artist then switching to doing productions only, and shopping his beats around to those he was networking with.

An original St. Louis native, Cash Clay Beats has also produced a couple of songs for K Camp titled “Racks Like This” & “Rob Kardashian”, a single for YFN Lucci that features Trouble that just came out early December, and other songs for Boosie, & even R. Kelly! Cash Clay Beats started off as a barber, which is how he met K Camp! From being a barber is how he learned to network & promote himself. The producer advises up n coming producers to learn how to network! He states ” Sometimes you may have to network with people who are not on the 2 Chainz level, network with anyone who is involved in the music game for you never know who they might know.”

One of Cash Clay Beats goals is to produce movie soundtracks or to even work with artist as such as Katy Perry. Since he originally came from hair cutting, he will like to open up more barber shops & selling merchandise by branding his production company called Street Certified Beat Cartel.

Cash Clay Beats said to be looking out for him in 2018! He has a TV show on Comcast coming out called “The Drop”, three documentaries he is in,a compilation CD with TIG, Think Of The Game Records coming out soon, and to check out his website http://www.cashclaybeats.com for any further ventures or new music.

I know I will definitely be watching the Grammy’s this year especially since this will be the first time no Caucasian artists were nominated for “Album of the Year”, which includes Jay-Z’s the “4:44” album & Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN”. I wish Cash Clay Beats much blessings & I hope to be writing about his Grammy win!

FIVE THIRTY ONE [@theproducermic]

When you’re a producer who can rap…

We don’t know who Mic is spitting at but THEY know! Mic aka The Producer Mic is back with a vengeance and no one is gonna steal his shine this time around. He brings heat with his freestyle on “FIVE THIRTY ONE”

Check out the track below: