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Joe Dirrt Releases “Back on My B.S.” Video

Seasoned Hip Hop artist Joe Dirrt delivers authentic elements of Boom Bap with his projects “Late Nights & Early Mornings” and “Dirrt Season Vol. 1”. His latest single/video is no exception. “Back on my B.S.” produced by Redwood Productions and featuring Rothstein, declares Dirrt’s stance in Hip Hop. He offers impeccable lyricism over mastered production. This epic dose of earmilk is sure to please Hip Hop heads around the globe.  Watch the video and connect with Joe Dirrt below.

Website: www.joedirrt.com

Email: joedirrt75@gmail.com

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Instagram: @joedirrt82

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NEW VIDEO: Hightauer ft Soulcat E-Phife & Marie – MMIB (MusikmachenimBlock)

Coming to you all the way from Vienna, Austria, rapper Hightauer presents the multi-language first single “MMIB” featuring fellow Austrian MC/producer Soulcat E-Phife and vocalist Marie off his upcoming EP “Xeno”.

Afrofuturistic rapper and beatmaker Hightauer met the tough, sophisticated and soulful female MC/producer Soulcat this year and immediately felt a mutual creative vibe. They wrote the lyrics to “MMIB” (produced by Kapitel Kool & Jahcopin) in a single day, drinking Gin Tonic on the rocks, recorded right away and collaborated with one of the finest jazzy voices Austria currently has to offer. “MMIB” (Makingmusicontheblock) or in german: “MusikmachenimBlock” featuring Marie is this hypebreaking trio’s homage to the oldschool of Hip Hop. The music video incorporates elements from the legendary “Drop” video by The Pharcyde, another proof of the strong 90’s affinity of this group.

Hightauer’s new EP “Xeno” will be available in all digital music stores on 9/25.

Check out the video and grab your copy of the song below:


NEW VIDEO: Ethemadassassin – Children Of The Night

Ethemadassassin is back with “Children Of The Night,” off the upcoming “Bear Handz 4: Dark Side Of The Mountain.” Swedish producer, Twelvebit, provides the ghostly musical backdrop as E uses the backstreets of Amsterdam to detail how the powers of the moonlight energizes those who make moves in the shadows at night.

Check out the video below:

With 7 albums, 2 EP’s, numerous international collaborations, and over 15 years in the music industry, Los Angeles (by way of North Carolina) emcee, ethemadassassin, is the physical embodiment of dedication, perseverance, independent artistry, and hustle.

Debuting as a solo artist in 2004 with the album, “Proverbs,” E followed up with 2008’s, “Tomorrow Never Comes,” and 2013’s, “Soul On Fire,” all of which E executive produced. During those years, E formed the group, Veteran Assassins, with fellow Los Angeles/North Carolina emcee, Veteran Eye, and co-executive produced and released the albums, “Veteran Assassins,” in 2010, “Paint The Town Red,” in 2012, and, “G.O.L.D.” in 2016. Each of these albums, along with 10 Top 10 charting singles on Rap Attack Lives and Rap Network charts (USA and Canada), numerous guest appearances, a video on MTVBase (“Walk My Shoes” off 2008’s, “Tomorrow Never Comes”), a video on Ralph McDaniels’ Video Music Box (“Lemme In,” off Veteran Assassins’ 2016 release, “G.O.L.D.”), and international festival appearances (New Skool Rules, Rotterdam NL, Hip Hop Sonic, Groningen NL, Midem, Cannes Fr, StreetKrush, Gronichem, NL) have garnered international recognition, acclaim, and praise and helped catapult Ethemadassassin into position as an underground stalwart with a towering stage presence with a lyrical ability to produce uber-vivid depictions of the realities of his way of life.

Ethemadassassin had an eventful 2018, dropping 2 EP’s, (“Motivations” with Luse Kanz, produced by THE WDSMN, “Bear Handz: Magmatic” produced by QuakeMobb) and his 4th solo album (“Bear Handz 2: Bear Market” produced by Nazar).

Ethemadassassin started 2019 off with a super bang, releasing his 5th solo album, “Bear Handz 3: Animal House,” produced by ShortFuZe with features from Celinski The Mayor, J.Bond (of Illpo), O.G. Bobby Ne’gro, Pisto Pop, Sneek Rothstein, and Luse Kanz.

NEW MUSIC: Sean -Toure’ – Garveyite (We Liberate & Motivate)

On Juneteenth 2020 Baltimore Music Producer/Emcee Sean-Toure’s new song “Garveyite” made its debut on all music streaming platforms. The energetic song laced with incredible music production and powerful lyrics promotes Black pride, self-love, and unity.

The track about empowerment and resilience centers on the recent protests, uprisings, and gentrification taking place in America. The powerful lyrics, elaborately produced soulful-beat, and awesomely catchy hook make this song one of the best Hip Hop singles of 2020.

The song is also accompanied by a visually beautiful music video with imagery and soul that will make you raise up your fist in the air. ”Garveyite” is available on all streaming services, now!

Check out the video and grab your copy of the song below:


Baltimore native, Sean-Toure’ Thames is known as a music legend in his hometown. Making his break as a solo artist into popular music culture with 2003’s Rhyme Manifesto, 2009’s Sean-Toure’ Remix Project, and 2012’s Sound Channeller, The Invisible Man, the Baltimore Music Producer/Emcee has continued to help build the legacy of his Rosachi Music Group label. His keen skills of gripping narratives and melodic cadences over his robust music production are among the slew of reasons why he has become a stable for making great music.

In 2012, his label home Rosachi Music Group announced a joint distribution and collaboration deal with the Legendary Fat beats NYC and Los Angeles. This deal leading to the successful release of the Sound Channeler album and the many incredible singles that hailed from the LP featuring Hip Hop luminaries, Kev Brown, Substantial, and many others. Since then, Sean’s success as a music producer and community activist has catapulted him into another stratosphere.

Throughout the years, Sean has successfully interwoven his expression of musicianship with community activism. He remains firm in his unwillingness to compromise creativity, truth, sincerity, and service to others, which are true essence of who he really is. His new album Melanin Magic, Melody, and the Maker will feature Hip Hop Legends Ras Kass, Sadat X of Brand Nubian, and many others.

NEW VIDEO: Tone Liv and Decay, the Llama – Deathsport Ft. Defcee

Animated by bubbling artist No.Pulp, Tone Liv and Decay, the Llama return with new visuals for fan favorite Deathsport.
This song serves as the opening for their album Gas Station Sushi which is available now via Machine Wash Music. Their labelmate Defcee closes the song with a blistering verse which timely addresses crooked police and politicians.

Check out the video and grab your copy of the song below:


Tone Liv and Decay, the Llama are part of the veteran hip hop collective Green Llama Movement that boasts Dibia$e (Red Bull Big Tune Champion) and Butta Verses (De La Soul) among their ranks. Their chemistry has been apparent since the early days of the collective regardless of Tone hailing from New Jersey and Decay being in Chicago. While they’ve collaborated over many years, this is the first time they’ve collaborated on a full project between the two. They are currently planning for a follow up to the highly acclaimed Gas Station Sushi album.

Kid Problem “Hellcats & Trackhawks” (Lil Durk Freestyle) Video

We Hot Music and Kid Problem present visuals for “Hellcats & Trackhawks” (Lil Durk Freestyle).

Representing Jersey, the video displays Kid Problem in front of street graffiti and his adorned car …no gimmicks or distractions for viewers, just bars. Hip Hop heads will appreciate Kid’s animated style and flow while he declares an unwavering focus on money, nothing else can be entertained. He’s been up and continues not to give a f*ck about haters or sideline rappers. Watch the video and connect with Kid Problem below.

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Ill Advanced and J. Malik combine forces to bring you the official
music video for “Philosopher’s Stone” Directed By N.U.C. Productions.
Produced By Ill, the song is an expression of lyrical prowess and a
poetic representation of spiritual enlightenment through unwavering

From the February release of his full length album “Unwritten Divine
Rule”, following J. Malik’s “War On Truth”, the Pittsburgh based
emcees have formed an unmatched chemistry. They both currently have a wide array of music on deck, as well as a collaborative project in the

Check out the video and the full “Unwritten Divine Rule” album below:


Ill Advanced

Pittsburgh, PA artist Ill Advanced is a product of Hip Hop’s classic
golden era. Providing insight with powerful messages that speak to the
heart of the individual. He’s shared the stage with legendary emcees
from The Wu Tang Clan to Kool Keith. Paying homage to the legends
who’ve paved the way for him, unequivocally carrying the torch.


Using a unique approach to reimagine this song from its original version, the duo Nightmare and Sleepy took the same approach when creating the visuals; sewing scenes together to create this vibe.

Nightmare and Sleepy

Comprised of two Nightmare and Sleepy is a music, art, and gaming collective focusing on all aspects of hip hop.
Utilizing their talents this father and son duo have found a way to bridge the gap, and learn from one another in order to create fresh music for the masses.

Check out the video for “Slide (Lofi Version)” and grab your copy of the track below:


Following the success of his recent album, Deserted Oceans, iconic New Mexico artist Def-i and veteran SoCal producer and artist Ariano flip the script and prepare to drop a revamped version of the album, bringing you Oceans Deserted – The Remixes.

The remix album reimagines all of the original tracks and throws fans a new joint born from these uncertain times, “American Quarantine.” Recorded by Ariano in LA, “American Quarantine” is guitar-driven and heavy, mirroring the mood of the times. Def-i delivers his verses with spit-fire precision, his message on point and addressing the fear and fallout from the global pandemic. Even in his direct references, Def-i expertly weaves subtle hidden meaning into every verse, grounding the track in an unwavering veil of hope.


The accompanying video to “American Quarantine” brings the words of Def-i and Ariano to life. Directed by The Mothership Alumni, the imagery is powerfully pointed in scanning the eerie emptiness of city streets and the places that should be swarming with life. The loneliness of the cityscape is juxtaposed against the calming solitude of the New Mexico desert, which Def-i embraces even in the midst of the chaos.

“American Quarantine” is a song of the now and is the first single from Oceans Deserted – The Remixes, dropping May 8th on Popular Nobody.

Check out the video below:

Kid Problem Releases “Yeah Yeah” Video

We Hot Music and Irvington, NJ rapper Kid Problem release visuals for his hit single “Yeah Yeah,”  available now on all major platforms.

The video, by Cane Green Films, captures the raw emotion and intense energy from Kid Problem. The catchy hook, “Who am I to judge somebody always knew I’d be somebody, I be like finger out the window b*tch yeah yeah” and knocking bass drives the track along with Kid’s cut-throat bars.

His moves depict his come up and now focused, Kid Problem has no time for lameness, fake street thugs, or money-hungry dames. Watch the video and connect with Kid Problem below.

Connect with Kid Problem

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