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Tamara Bubble’sYour Favorite Rapper is a Girl 3  … OUT NOW!

The 3 Peat ALBUM is here & Bubble is applying pure pressure! We already know she’s your favorite, but press play for 12 more reasons … if you still need convincing #BubbleOnDeck


Bubble recruited some of her favorite producers from across the globe for the 3 Peat project, but YFRIAG3 has a new comer ‘producer’ enlisted in the album credits. Yep, you guessed it, Tamara Bubble is now a producer and has produced 25% of this album. And if that’s not crazy enough, we think the record should actually be called ‘Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl PRODUCER + AUTHOR’ lol because Bubble recently released her debut book “FROM SYNC TO SUPERSTAR” detailing how she became both a producer and sync agent as well as her rise in the music game using music licensing as her primary strategy.


Danielle Black Isn’t “Finished?” -Video


Danielle Black’s Bars, Vocals, & Visuals Dominate Indie Charts In “Finished?”

Sultry singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress Danielle Black releases electrifying, in your face visuals for “Finished?.” With her fierce and intense dominating being, Black addresses ‘Jadas’ (jealous haters) who blame her for their steady downfall. Her deliverance of slick lyrics and strong vocals are just a teaser attesting to her continual wins in the industry. Whether she’s spitting bars or singing, Black is the complete package Rah Rah Rah-ing all the way to the top while the others are Nah Nah Nah-ing on the sidelines.

The video depicts Black’s versatility as an artist, a woman, as well as an unbreakable pillar. Black coupling with a sleek snake throughout the video symbolizes her re-birth with no elbow room to deter her growth. Watch “Finished?” and connect with Danielle Black below.

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