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Chicago’s Boelyfe Jaine Is “Flossin” With No Regrets

Rap sensation Boelyfe Jaine and Black Forbes List Entertainment release the official video for “Flossin.” Over a striking arrangement of melodies, the Chicago rapper lays down confident bars proclaiming her come up. Not bragging or gloating, her deliverance is done in plain attire at her poolside mansion. Not phased by what haters say about her every move, Boelyfe will continue to ravish in her earned success alongside her day ones. The catchy hook is sure to resonate while viewers join in on the celebration. Watch “Flossin” and connect with Boelyfe Jaine below.

VEVO channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCHnOqk8h91Folsml0hwpQPA

Instagram: https://instagram.com/boelyfe_jaine?utm_medium=copy_link

Buffalo, NY Hip Hop Artist Saint Soprano Delivers “Running Out Of Time” Video

Saint Soprano, Hip Hop artist and Buffalo, NY native, releases visuals for “Running Out Of Time.” The single is taken from his latest album titled ‘Crossroads.’

Over a unique blend of striking with soulful melodies Soprano captures what it’s like being raised in a city of crime, comparing it to Clash of the Titans. He recalls unnecessary bloodshed, the firing of gunshots as a norm, and far too many bodies underground resembling a genocide.

Through it all Soprano overcame and survived and is now moving towards a bright future. Audiences are sure to grip Soprano’s unbending emotion and potent lyricism. Watch “Running Out Of Time’ and connect with Saint Soprano below.

“Running Out Of Time” on preferred platforms



Connect with Saint Soprano

Instagram: https://instagram.com/saint_soprano?utm_medium=copy_link

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlackForbesList/



Triller: https://triller.co/@saint_soprano

Shojon Releases Video For “Theorem” Single

Shojon, multi-faceted artist hailing from South London, releases the official video for his latest single “Theorem.” The video is directed by Craig Heathcote (BBC), produced by FEUD creative Liam Payne, and features a diverse cast.

Shojon is seen not as your average or expected cupid, but one who swarms the city with a new outlook on love, it’s emotions, and overall mood. His entrancing vocals over a soulful yet invigorating blend of R&B and indie-pop soundscapes is sure to convince lovers worldwide of his, in seventh heaven with both feet on the ground, message. Watch “Theorem” and connect with Shojon below.

Connect with Shojon

Instagram | Twitter | Spotify |  https://www.shojon.cool/

Shojon is currently campaigning with the Mind Mental Health Charity to raise mental health awareness, since funding has been discontinued by the government for the Time to Change Initiative. Shojon has commissioned a limited run of the ‘Shojon Bar’ a milk chocolate snack he is using to help raise awareness and break the stigmas in mental health.