Hey ya’ll!! I had the pleasure to interview artist, Faded Mulah, while he had a free moment during the NBA Allstar weekend for which I was a little jealous that I was at work instead of soaking up a little bit of heat fun. Just last week I blogged about a song of his titled “Good Just Ain’t Enough” which speaks on the subject of suicide. I asked Faded Mulah what was on his mind when he created the song & a very descriptive video? Did he know anyone personally? etc…He advised to me that his career background includes being stationed in the military, the Army, and while he was enlisted the subject of suicide was always prevalent for there are 20 veterans dying from suicide just about everyday or people still serving in the military who may have developed mental issues that can lead them to suicide, and Faded Mulah is blessed to be put in the position to spread his awareness about the issue. I mentioned that I do know about the subject personally from a close family member who was battling depression to unfortunately choose suicide. Produced by QDH make sure to check out the video below!

On a lighter note…Faded Mulah and I discussed his family life, for which he is a father of 3…2 girls & a boy, a South Carolina native who right after being in the army chose to get into music. Faded Mulah describes hisself as an emotional rapper *PAUSE* someone whose music is felt…the energy is felt like, one of my favorite artist’s, DMX, also other artists such as Kevin Gates & the leader of the emo, Drake. Speaking on DMX, Faded Mulah mentioned that if he could do a song with DMX featured on it will be a blessing!

While also being inspired by people like J. Cole, who is also from the Carolinas, provides the inspiration that if he can make it out & become successful, anybody can, then producer, Ty Dolla $ign, whose style is so underrated but felt in such a way that his music brings such a vibe over the airwaves it’s contagious! Faded Mulah and I both agree that Ty Dolla $ign will be making music for a long time. Faded wants his fans to know that in 2019 he will be making alot moves…he has a tour lined up…new music including songs “Fuck Something” to get you in the mood with your bae & “Moolah” featuring Charles Reid, that will get you motivated to chase that bag!!! $$$$ From what I see with Faded Mulah’s music if you did not get anything you will get a message!

Hopefully, we will be able to catch him for a face to face interview whenever he touches down in the city! Stay Tuned!!!



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