Can you imagine using an app that allows you to make money while taking video calls, voice calls, even text messages too?

Well…there is no need to look any further the app Aeiway, is an easy way to make money while chatting. As a music blogger, I can totally benefit from this app, especially when reaching out to other artists or even while doing interviews for the blog! Let me to explain how it works.

After downloading the app, you set your rates! If it’s thru text message, set a price per text. If its per call, regardless if it’s a voice or video call, set your rates per min. The app allows you to set rates per the value of YOUR communication…the higher your value the higher rates you can set for yourself.

You have the option to share your Aieway username on all social medias to allow your friends, fans, and followers to contact you and gain referral bonuses. You can feel secure in knowing that your first & last name will not be used nor is it needed! You can feel happy in knowing that you can talk without compromising your safety online.

After the call, the payments are secure and hassle free! Payments are delivered to Aeiway accounts automatically. A major plus about the app is that you can rate your interactions, but the users will not see the ratings, what they will see is the award for being a high performer, and can see warnings from others, too! As a blogger, I totally appreciate knowing not to deal with a particular user to prevent my time for being wasted, some artists and others in the entertainment business can be shady. You always want to feel safe!

Aeiway is the future of communication!! The app is just a better way to handle business safely and to make some money while doing it. Imagine…a 20-minute interview with an artist?? Depending how big your influence is…the rate you can set will be really nice!! Start chatting away go download the app TODAY!!


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