Hey guys!! I had the pleasure to interview such a talented individual who is an Actor, Beatmaker, Writer, Activist, Father & a Husband!!!!!! This individual is a 3x Best Supporting Actor Nominee at the Ohio Indy Fest, Best Actor Nominee at the 2018 Las Vegas Film Fest, currently has a mixtape out called “Crown”, and will be releasing an LP titled “The Black Crown”!!!

I swear I am out of breath just typing this! LOL This talent to whom I speak of name is Brandon X Bell, who also goes by Blackstate, his performing name. I was so excited to do this interview. First, me & him share the same last name so we could be cousins & during the interview I found out that he is a Gemini too!! Please make sure to watch the whole interview below! Dope energy was all in the studio!

Here is an episode from the series The Connected to which Brandon advised has just started filming season 2!!

Make sure to follow:
Facebook: Brandon X Bell
Instagram: @blackstate

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