Producer Namo from Long Beach, CA releases his latest instrumental project “Molly Millions”.

Molly Millions is a collection of chilled out beats and downtempo grooves. The concept of this project was inspired by a trip to Hong Kong and the novel Neuromancer. Hazy backstreets, a sea of people, endless blocks of concrete buildings and flashing neon lights on every street filled the city along with a vibrant underground culture. Heavy on the ear for hypnotic jazz and electronica, these 9 tracks provide a soundtrack for all the midnight marauders across the globe as we all trek through this technologically changing world.

About Namo:

Namo began DJ’ing instrumental hip hop/downtempo/trip hop around the Long Beach and Southern California area, and then made the natural progression to making his own beats. Namo’s music ranges from Instrumental Hip Hop to Drum n Bass and everything in-between. From jazzy breaks to chill hop to up-tempo breakbeat/jungle rhythms, the sound frequencies that he crafts have been released independently on cassette tapes and vinyl. Turn up the volume and cruise around your city bumping these vibes.

Check out the full project below:

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