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NEW VIDEO: Greenlights Music – CDC

In preparation for their upcoming new album “Space Craft” (out July 22), Chicago Hip Hop group Greenlight Music releases “CDC”, the first video off the album.

The album “Space Craft” was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. Remaining true to their core point of view — social, political, and economic themes are addressed with freshly written rhymes and surgically calculated, innovative production by RP.

The music is a throwback to the Golden Era of Hip Hop, reminiscent of 1990’s collaboratives like the Native Tongues, and best known for groups like Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, and more.

Check out the “CDC” video below and be on the lookout for “Space Craft”, dropping July 22nd.

GREENLIGHTS Music is a production group created by Producer/Engineer/Emcee Andrés Roldan aka RP (former frontman for the live Chicago Hip Hop group Abstract Giants). They have been performing live as a band for over 4 years. A collaboration of sorts, the group features many talented musicians, singers, emcees and djs.

GREENLIGHTS Music is the definition of socially and politically conscious Hiphop who definitely brings back “Golden Era” boom-bap beats with modern day hifi production.

NEW VIDEOS: Crimson Twins – Loan $harks

We often hear the phrase “for the culture” thrown around loosely but The Crimson Twins are just that.
Matching their psychic connection and their love for real hip hop they want to bring back the feeling that we got the first time hearing the golden era sound of slappin beats and lyrical machine gun rap.
They came to conquer the dumbed down current state of music and bring a revolution, reinforced through new rhymes and the sound that made you fall in love with hip hop.
It’s a new flavor and a new style but feels like you’ve been here before on some déjà vu type of vibe.

The blue is for the working class warrior mindset, the crimson is for the blood, sweat and tears that have been put into their craft. A-$harp and Wes Nihil are the Crimson Twins! And they aren’t stopping for anything or anyone that steps In their path. Coming out of Brick City Newark N.J., in the middle of a pandemic, they are making the impossible possible.
With their new video “Loan $harks” they’re bringing back music to the streets with a new old school type of magic to this. Blending boom bap beats with razor sharp bars, mixed with graffiti writing, their message is clear on the wall for all to see. Featuring the world renowned artist Cent, they’re back and rolling harder then ever in this carnivore, animalistic style track.

Check out the video and grab your copy of the Crimson Twins EP below:



Riding the success of their collaborative project, Deserted Oceans, Def-i and SoCal producer Ariano drop the latest single, “Aspiration Date.”

Teaming up with Atlanta-based T.R.3 and Sublime with Rome DJ LDontheCut, “Aspiration Date” is one of the biggest streaming singles from the Deserted Oceans EP. The classic boom bap produced track, along with the effortless cuts from LDontheCut, “Aspiration Date” allows Def-i to deliver his flow with ease, with T.R.3 meshing it all together with a hypnotic hook.

Artist Def-I

Check out the track below:

Award-Winner Dell-P Vows To “Make Emceeing Great Again”

Who is Dell-P…For those living under rocks or for those who might need a simple reminder, the extensive accolades below are sure to spark some clarity.

Dell-P is a Hip Hop artist and songwriter, nationally and internationally famed for his exquisite lyricism, conscious rap, and wordplay. He is co-signed by such pioneers and legends as Chuck D, Black Thought, Wise Intelligent, Arrested Development, EPMD, Wyclef Jean, David Banner, Jay Electronica, and that is only naming a few.

The Philly vet carries monumental recognition dating back to 2017 including Philly Hip Hop Awards Album of the Year, PHL Live Hip Hop Artist of the Year, Black Gala Award winner, Black Power Music Award nominee, 2-time Spiral Award Winner (artist and album of the year), 2-time Indie Music Award winner, Philly Hip Hop Award winner for Alternative Artist of the Year, 2020 Top Indie Artist award by Source Magazine, as well as a 4-time Grammy considered artist. To add to that success, Dell-P has received music placement and an acting role in the 2021 film “When George Got Murdered”, coming to Netflix soon, and with a recommendation by Black Thought, he will be participating in The School of Thought Workshop/Showcase…The first-ever Hip Hop Master Class to be held at Carnegie Hall.

Dell-P’s latest Grammy considered album ‘MEGA (Make Emceeing Great Again)’ is available on major platforms as well as “By Any Means” and “Follow the Signs” videos, currently in rotation on BET Jams. There are some like minds out there hungry and this album feeds them properly. Once you take a listen to the music you will hear why Dell-P has been called “the best kept secret of Hip Hop” by XXL Magazine.

Stream/download ‘MEGA’ here on preferred platforms and connect with Dell-P below.
Social Media Links – @DELLP215 on IG & Twitter, Dell Pee on Facebook 

Watch “By Any Means” and “Follow the Signs” from the ‘MEGA’ album