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NEW MUSIC: DJ RasCue & Various Guests – Got Kidney? Vol. 2

Bay Area legend DJ RasCue releases the second volume of his “Got Kidney?” compilation for the 10 year anniversary of his project for Organ Donor Awareness

Welcome to the Compilation Soundtrack “Got Kidney? Volume 2”. This collection of music is in support of Organ Donor Awareness, Nutrition, Health Education and Safety. Compiled by longtime SF-Bay Area, CA “DJ RasCue (Various Blends/Cali Agents)”, a renal failure(kidney disease) survivor and recent kidney transplant recipient, this “mixed-genre” compilation features Underground Hip-Hop, International, Latin and Reggae independent artists from around the World!!

We are delighted to introduce a Volume 2 to this great collection of Independent Artists Worldwide! Similar to our Got Kidney? Ten-Year Anniversary Edition, this compilation includes Extra Tracks, Exclusive Selections, Video Links and Additional Bonus Songs!!

With an even more eclectic line-up a second time around, Volume 2 finds our Artists covering topics from Health to Nutrition, Motivation and Inspiration, Illness and Abuse, Strength and Preservation, Relationships, Injustice, Culture and Community and More! Special Thanks to all the Artists for their participation in this project. Portions of the Proceeds go towards the G.K./Uppitees Fashions Donation Fund(Providing masks and other safety materials for patients in dialysis, cancer and other illness centers) and the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund.

Longtime Bay Area, CA and kidney transplant recipient DJ RasCue is a veteran DJ of the San Francisco scene for over 25 years voted “Best All-Around” DJ for SF in 2000(SF Clubby Awards). He is a member of the rap trio “Various Blends” with Solefather Rasco and Friz-B the Free Thinker and former DJ for Rasco, Cali Agents and Zion-I.
Diagnosed with Renal Failure(Kidney Disease) in 2007, spent 8 years on dialysis and received his transplant in 2015. The Got Kidney? Foundation was started to support Organ Donor Awareness, Nutrition, Mental Health Awareness and Health Education.

Check out the compilations and grab your copy below:


GOT KIDNEY? VOLUME 2! A Multi-Genre Compilation Soundtrack of Independent Artists Worldwide in support of Health Education and Safety, Nutrition, Organ Donor Awareness, Mental Illness Awareness and Cultural and Community Education. Featuring Artists Azeem & Fanatik(onBEATS), Planet Asia(Cali Agents/Yard Massive)), J-Ro from Tha Liks, Banga Brownin, Slimkid3 and Nu Mark, Black Aesop, DJ Format, Z-Man and many more. Exclusive selections from Martin Luther, Nara Boone, Lance Canales & The Flood and more! Extra Tracks from Kool DJ Rize, E Da Boss featuring Gift of Gab(Blackalicious) and Lateef the Truth Speaker(Latryx), King Solomonic, Sasaraman and K.nightshift plus Bonus Songs.



Nina Nicole is back with some super heat for these streets!!! She represents what I expect to see out of a Boss Chick! Originally from Cleveland, but now residing in Houston…I can definitely see the growth! Plus the dope features on this album is what does it for me…PERIOD!


I can not lie…It has been ages since I checked in out any Papoose album. Not saying that his music isn’t worth the listen…it just wasn’t my thing, but for those who do love his music…this album will be the shit for you guys! Papoose definitely reminds everyone that outside of his famous wife, he is someone to not play with.


Trey Songz never seems to let me down when it comes to his music. I mean literally since day 1! I love this albums whole cadence as well as how smoothly it moves on to the next track. He calls this album “Back Home” , and I hope that means he’s back to being a great artist and person all around. Stay proving the haters wrong Trey!


BlocBoy JB is another artist that when I hear his music, I expect to turn TF up!!! This album literally gives me what I am expecting.


Dope ass album!!


Is it too early to deem this album a classic already?? Ijs


This project deserves the flame emojis…I swear like 5 of them! LOL


First off, I want to say RIP to Famous Dex’s mother, Diana. I think he did a good album especially since it’s dedicated to his deceased mom. I love the features as well as the production that honestly always comes thru on every project Dex drops.


Yea…like what he said! Cassidy still been on his flow little did people know, he was just waiting for the right time to BLOW!!! I am glad that he sticking to his craft, and came out with a dope project that gets better as each track plays.

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