Elijah Lamar – Drip(Trip Remix)

I just got hip to up and coming artist, songwriter, and battle rapper named Elijah Lamar, last month. The single I am featuring “Drip(Trip Remix)” is a cover to Ella Mai’s platinum hit “Trip”. Even though Jacquees caused an uproar when he decided to redo the song, I can say that Elijah made it to HIS VERSION….I even enjoyed how when I thought the song was about to end, the beat changed with his delivery! Let me know of what y’all think of his song below! For me…I can see it on repeat!

Instagram: @elijahlamar_of_l.o.e.

Bizzel – Chillin
Produced by Kontraband Beatz

I just got to know this talented producer through some family that I have who live out in the Bay Area of California. Me, being nosy like I do I agreed to check some of his music out for which now I am happy to say that I did for I enjoyed the music he sent to me. The first single titled “Chillin” is from a few years back and the inspiration behind the track came from him believing in the artist, Bizzel, which allowed him to open up his own creativity & feelings on the record. From this single, it inspired the producer to create a whole album for Bizzel titled “Whiten by Bizzel” which is available on all platforms.

Alma Rosae – Freaky Tales
Produced by Kontraband Beatz

This is the other single I grew to like of course I love to shout my ladies out! I truly loved Alma Rosae’s delivery on this song…which makes it so DOPE! The talented artist stated that the song “Freaky Tales” is about living your best life & being able to express your sexuality freely. Alma goes on to state..that their shouldn’t be a double standard, women should be able to be players too & not judged for it! The single is available on Rosae’s EP “Boys” which is available everywhere so make sure to check it out!!

Instagram: @kontrabandbeatz @yhbizzel @almarosaemusic

MegaDon216 – Loud
Produced by JRock Beatz

The homie, MegaDon216, really needs no introduction at all!! I did a mixtape review for him about a year ago and I also have videos his concert at the Grog Shop here in Cleveland Heights, OH back in July…so make sure to check those previous posts out! Now, he returns with a new single title “Loud”…yes of course it’s LOUD! But I can guarantee you great production and lyrical flow on this track! Trust that I am only going to post what I would actually replay to myself!

Instagram: @megadon216

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