NEW MUSIC: Sean -Toure’ – Garveyite (We Liberate & Motivate)

On Juneteenth 2020 Baltimore Music Producer/Emcee Sean-Toure’s new song “Garveyite” made its debut on all music streaming platforms. The energetic song laced with incredible music production and powerful lyrics promotes Black pride, self-love, and unity.

The track about empowerment and resilience centers on the recent protests, uprisings, and gentrification taking place in America. The powerful lyrics, elaborately produced soulful-beat, and awesomely catchy hook make this song one of the best Hip Hop singles of 2020.

The song is also accompanied by a visually beautiful music video with imagery and soul that will make you raise up your fist in the air. ”Garveyite” is available on all streaming services, now!

Check out the video and grab your copy of the song below:

Baltimore native, Sean-Toure’ Thames is known as a music legend in his hometown. Making his break as a solo artist into popular music culture with 2003’s Rhyme Manifesto, 2009’s Sean-Toure’ Remix Project, and 2012’s Sound Channeller, The Invisible Man, the Baltimore Music Producer/Emcee has continued to help build the legacy of his Rosachi Music Group label. His keen skills of gripping narratives and melodic cadences over his robust music production are among the slew of reasons why he has become a stable for making great music.

In 2012, his label home Rosachi Music Group announced a joint distribution and collaboration deal with the Legendary Fat beats NYC and Los Angeles. This deal leading to the successful release of the Sound Channeler album and the many incredible singles that hailed from the LP featuring Hip Hop luminaries, Kev Brown, Substantial, and many others. Since then, Sean’s success as a music producer and community activist has catapulted him into another stratosphere.

Throughout the years, Sean has successfully interwoven his expression of musicianship with community activism. He remains firm in his unwillingness to compromise creativity, truth, sincerity, and service to others, which are true essence of who he really is. His new album Melanin Magic, Melody, and the Maker will feature Hip Hop Legends Ras Kass, Sadat X of Brand Nubian, and many others.

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