Ill Advanced and J. Malik combine forces to bring you the official
music video for “Philosopher’s Stone” Directed By N.U.C. Productions.
Produced By Ill, the song is an expression of lyrical prowess and a
poetic representation of spiritual enlightenment through unwavering

From the February release of his full length album “Unwritten Divine
Rule”, following J. Malik’s “War On Truth”, the Pittsburgh based
emcees have formed an unmatched chemistry. They both currently have a wide array of music on deck, as well as a collaborative project in the

Check out the video and the full “Unwritten Divine Rule” album below:

Ill Advanced

Pittsburgh, PA artist Ill Advanced is a product of Hip Hop’s classic
golden era. Providing insight with powerful messages that speak to the
heart of the individual. He’s shared the stage with legendary emcees
from The Wu Tang Clan to Kool Keith. Paying homage to the legends
who’ve paved the way for him, unequivocally carrying the torch.

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